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How to Complete a Criminal Venture in Saints Row

If you’re stuck needing to complete a Criminal Venture to progress to your next mission in the Saints Row reboot, here’s what you need to do:

Saints Row 2022 gives players more customization than ever before. Not only can gamers customize their Boss as well as their weapons, crew, and more, they’re also able to turn Santo Ileso into their own custom game of The Sims.

Early on in the game, players will gain the ability to place down Criminal Ventures, businesses that can generate money and provide additional minigames. And you’ll need to complete several of these Ventures in their entirety if you want to make it to the end of the new release’s story.

What Is a Criminal Venture in Saints Row 2022

What Is a Criminal Venture in Saints Row 2022?

In the Saints Row reboot, a Criminal Venture refers to the Saints’ custom businesses that they can choose to set up across the city. Examples include Chalupacabra food trucks, Bright Future toxic waste disposal, and even Jim Rob’s garage.

Players can head upstairs in the Saints’ church base, to interact with their map of the city, and start new Criminal Ventures.

Make use of the new Cutting Edge Criminal Venture and you’ll even unlock some more weapon customization in Saints HQ.

Stuck on Complete More Criminal Ventures

If you’re finding yourself stuck needing to complete more Criminal Ventures in Saints Row, it means you need to finish all tasks provided by your existing ventures.

Complete More Criminal Ventures

If the next mission has a requirement for you to complete a Criminal Venture, you don’t need to just do another task for your chosen activity. You need to do every mission that the Criminal Venture has to offer before you can progress.

And if you’re looking to unlock the VTOL jet in Saints Row, doing at least a few Criminal Ventures is a must!

Fastest Criminal Venture to Complete

If you’re looking for fast progression, you should invest in the Eurekabator! Criminal Venture as it only has 3 missions to complete. What’s more, helping out with this Venture’s tests will let you shoot through walls, launch enemies into space, and even unlock the hoverboard in Saints Row!

You should also take your time to help Eli and his LARP group. Completing The Dustmood / The Rod Warrior / Unto the Breach missions is a quick way to finish another Criminal Venture and earn some great rewards.

If you want to get around Santo Ileso and complete those Criminal Ventures quickly, here are all the fast travel photo locations in Saints Row!

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