Here’s everything you need to know about postcards in Pokemon GO, including how to pin them and collect them in your Postcard Book!

Pokemon GO is all about adventuring, and while the main focus of these adventures is to catch Pokemon, players can also collect postcards.

And as collecting postcards is the only way to get Vivillon in Pokemon GO, they are more in demand than ever!

How to Collect & Pin Postcards in Pokemon GO

There are two different ways that Pokemon GO players can collect postcards in the game:

  • Saving a postcard from a Gym or PokeStop you have visited by viewing the Gift you got from there.
  • Pressing the pin button on a Gift a friend has sent you.

How to Save Postcards from Locations You Have Visited

  • Spin a PokeStop or Gym to get a Gift
  • Press the Poke Ball button and then select the Items button
  • Scroll down your items list until you see Gift, and tap on it
  • You will see each Gift has a postcard attached to it
  • For each different Gift, you can tap on it and then press the Save button to add that postcard to your Postcard Book
Pokemon GO Pin Postcard From Locations You Have Visited

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How to Save Postcards From Gifts Friends Have Sent You

  • Go to your Friends tab
    • From the map menu, press your trainer icon in the bottom left of the screen
    • Then select the Friends tab in the top right of the screen
  • Scroll through your Friends tab to see if anyone has sent you a gift
    • If you have no Gifts to open, get a friend to send you one
      • This can be done in the Friends menu by tapping on a friend and pressing the Send Gift button
  • Tap on a friend who has sent you a Gift to open it
  • When opening the Gift, you can press the pin button in the bottom right to pin the postcard.
    • This will add it to your Postcard Book
Pokemon GO Pin Postcard From Friends Gift

How Many Postcards Can Your Postcard Book Hold?

Pokemon GO players can save up to 300 postcards in their Postcard Book. This is the default amount of storage and cannot be expanded.

However, if your Postcard Book is full, you can remove postcards to make some space for new ones.

How to Remove Postcards From Your Postcard Book

Players can remove postcards from their Pokemon GO Postcard Book by selecting which postcard they want to get rid of and pressing the delete button.

The only reason to get rid of postcards is if you reach the 300-postcard limit, which will take a long time to do.

  • Go to your Postcard Book
    • This is found in your trainer menu just below your Avatar
  • Press on any postcard you want to remove
  • Press the button with the three lines in the bottom right corner
  • Select Delete
Pokemon GO Delete Postcard

Pokemon GO Map For Vivillon Postcard Regions

Collecting postcards from different places can give you encounters with a Scatterbug from a certain region.

The map below shows the regions of all of the Vivillon patterns – you will need to pin postcards from these locations to get an encounter with a regional Scatterbug, each of which evolves into a different Vivillon pattern.

Also, check out all of the Vivillon patterns in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Vivillon Patterns Map

In other news, make sure to install the official Pokemon GO Buddy and Egg Widget to help you track your in-game progress.

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