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How to Clean Your PS5 – Safe Guide to Removing Dust

If you’re a Day One PS5 owner, it’s time to clean your device which is likely suffering from dust build-up.

As any console owner will know, game consoles can get dusty fast, whether you’re using them regularly or not. And when an electronic device gets a dust build-up, it can be bad.

In the PS5’s case, an accumulation of months of dust could result in the once-silent console steadily getting louder over time. Even if this isn’t the case yet, it’s still worth keeping an eye on and taking precautionary measures.

(Source: Sony)

That’s why, now 7 months into the PS5’s lifespan, we’d definitely recommend learning how to clean your PS5 properly.

If you want to take care of your device, before getting any of these dreaded PS5 error codes, you’re in luck.

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How to Clean a PS5 – Remove Dust and More

Looking to clean your PS5 console safely and easily? We’ve got just the guide for you.

  • First, gather your cleaning supplies. We recommend using a simple microfibre cloth, but small vacuums, cleaning brushes, and canned air are all excellent additions.
  • Make sure your PS5 is unplugged, and its stand is removed.
  • Then, gently pull on the front white faceplate until it detaches. There’s no need to use excessive force; simply grip the plate from where the PlayStation logo is seen and pull away and towards the base of the console until it pops off.
  • Now flip the device over and repeat the process, pulling away and down towards the console base from the back corner.
  • Here you’ll be left with the core of the PS5 console, with its intake and outtake fins visible on either side of the device.
  • For dust on the inside of the now-removed covers, you can use a brush or cloth to remove more heavy-duty regions before blowing or wiping away the remaining particles. If things are particularly dirty, you could also use isopropyl alcohol and a cloth to clean away the more resilient dirt.
  • Using a brush or cloth, you can clean the fins on either side of the PS5 where dust is building up. Then, once the particles are loose, simply blow them away.
  • Finally, there are two larger holes on the front of the console, one near the bottom and one at the front, near the middle. Use a small vacuum or cloth to try and remove dust from the area as best you can.

That’s all you need when it comes to a regular dust clean for the PS5. However, if you’re noticing a lot of dust inside the fan itself, YouTuber TronicsFix has an excellent guide on doing a deep dive into your console for cleaning purposes.

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Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Wouldn't a vacuum create static and it may cause electronic damage to the console?