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How To Check Your Warzone Report & Find Out Year 1 Stats

Find out how to get all of your Warzone stats by checking your year 1 Warzone report.

Warzone is now a year old and developer Activision has treated the fans with a surprise new feature. Players like to see the stats behind their gameplay, so this will come as a treat to many Warzone fans.

Find out how to see all your Warzone year 1 stats using the new Activision Report.

Warzone Plunder Stadium

How To Find Out Your Warzone Stats

To celebrate the first birthday of Warzone, Activision has introduced an official way of getting your Warzone stats. This Warzone Report contains all of the important details like kills, deaths, wins, and even hours played in the first year of Warzone.

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There has clearly been some demand for more detailed stats in Warzone because many players have used third-party sites to measure their performance in Warzone:

Players can also use the steps below to get their Warzone report.

Warzone Season 2 Shipwreck

How To Get Your Warzone Report

  • Firstly, you'll need to have a Twitter account
  • Next, you need to find your Activision ID. This will be a username followed by a # and then a series of numbers - you can find this in-game.
  • Head to the Call of Duty Twitter account's tweet about your Warzone report
  • Finally, reply to the tweet with your Activision ID and the #WarzoneReport
  • Activision will reply to you with an image showing all of your Warzone stats

As your stats are given as both a tweet and an image, it's easy to share with all of your friends. You can retweet or send the Warzone Report tweet to share with others or save the image to post and send it on other platforms.

Warzone Title Screen

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Also, hacks are still ruining Warzone and there are apparently more cheaters than ever.

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