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How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

To check your Walmart Gift Card Balance, you need to head to their official website and enter your gift card’s card number and pin in their balance checker.

Walmart Gift Card
  • Enter the 16-digit card number and 4-digit pin located behind your card. The locations of the numbers may differ with each gift card, but they’ll always be behind the card and next to each other.
    • You can see the image above on the lower left for an example.
  • Choose the “Check Balance” option to submit your information and bring up your Walmart Gift Card’s current balance.

Once all these steps have been completed, you’ll see your gift card’s balance once the page refreshes. If you purchased a Walmart eGift Card, you could find the card information and pin in your confirmation email.

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How to Find Walmart Gift Card Pin Location

The pin number to your Walmart Gift Card is on the back of the card on the top right, following your card number. If you purchased a eGift Card, then it’ll be in the gift card confirmation email.

Here is where to find the pin of a physical gift card:

  • Flip your Walmart Gift Card to see the numbers on the back.
  • The numbers on the left side are your Walmart Gift Card Number.
  • The numbers on the right side are your Walmart Gift Card Pin Number.
  • Use the image below to help you find the pin number quickly.
Walmart Card Pin

Here is how to find the pin for a digital gift card:

  • Head to the email provider you used to order the Walmart Gift Card.
  • In the search bar, type “Walmart Gift Card Confirmation.”
    • If nothing pops up, then try “Walmart eGift Card Confirmation.”
  • Find the email that correlates with your purchase of the Walmart eGift Card.
  • The pin number and card number will be located in this email.

This is how you can easily check your gift card balance without visiting a physical location. It’s also great to know the pin number for any online purchases.

If you don’t have a pin number, you can exchange your gift card for a new one at any Walmart location.

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