Are you wondering how to see your KD ratio and Combat Record in MW2? Well, don’t worry, as you’re not alone, and we’re here with all the answers.

Now that players have been playing MW2’s multiplayer mode for quite some time, they’re looking to see how high their KD ratio is.

However, while it isn’t difficult to check it alongside your many other stats, it can be an easily overlooked feature in MW2.

How to See Your KD in MW2

You can check your KD in MW2 by either looking at the scoreboard in a match or by checking the Stats screen in the MW2 main menu.

To access the Stats screen, simply open the start menu (Options Button on PlayStation, Menu Button on Xbox, or F1 on PC) in the MW2 lobby and then select Stats.

the combat record in MW2

To check the scoreboard, players need to simply press the following buttons, and they will see all information relating to their performance in a match (including KD ratio):

  • PlayStation – Touchpad
  • Xbox – View Button
  • PC – Tab

It is worth keeping in mind that only certain game modes (such as TDM) allow you to actually see your KD ratio in a match, and it will only be your KD ratio for that match.

To see a complete overview of your KD ratio in MW2, you will need to check the Stats screen through the MW2 lobby.

Of course, to make sure your KD ratio is high, you’ll want to level up your guns fast in MW2 so you can unlock every attachment and build the ultimate gun.

How to See Your Combat Record in MW2

To see your Combat Record in MW2 you will need to go to the Stats screen via the MW2 lobby. This will show you all of your stats, including your WL ratio, top weapons, average kills per game, and more.

To access your Combat Record, you need to:

  • Open the start menu while in the MW2 lobby
    • Press the Options Button on PlayStation, Menu Button on Xbox, or F1 on PC
  • Select Stats from the first series of options
  • Select Multiplayer
instructions on how to access the combat record in MW2

Make sure you know how to unlock every weapon in MW2 so you can check your stats on all of them and see how they compare.

What Is a Good KD in MW2?

To have a good KD ratio per match, you’re looking at having anything above 1.50. That’s not to say having anything below that is subpar, but above 1.50 is ideal and anything higher than 2.00 is amazing.

If you’re looking to have a high KD ratio in MW2, you should first check out how to unlock custom loadouts in MW2 before building the perfect gun.

MW2 Weapons

What Does KD Mean in MW2?

KD ratio means Kill/Death ratio and is a way of averaging out the number between how many kills you get and how many times you die.

For example, if you kill sixteen players but only die eight times, you’ll have a KD ratio of 2.00. While many casual players don’t worry about their KD, if you’re playing MW2 seriously, then a higher KD is better.

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