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How to Check KD & Other Stats in MW2

Are you wondering how to see your KD ratio and other stats in MW2? Well don’t worry as you’re not alone, and we’re here with all the answers.

Now that players finally have their hands on MW2’s much anticipated multiplayer mode, they’re looking to see how high they can get their KD ratio.

However, many have reported that they’re struggling to find any way of checking it in-game. Fortunately, we have the answers and can help you locate your KD ratio and all other stats.

Of course, if you want any chance of getting a good KD ratio in MW2, then you’ll want to first fine-tune your game to have the best MW2 settings on PC.

How to See Your KD in MW2

Currently, there is no way of checking your overall KD ratio in MW2 as Infinity Ward is yet to add a Barracks.

However, players can check their KD ratio during certain matches (such as TDM) by checking the scoreboard.

To check the scoreboard, players need to simply press the following buttons and they will see all information relating to their performance in a match (including KD ratio):

  • PlayStation – Touchpad
  • Xbox – View Button
  • PC – Tab
two soldiers fighting each other in the museum map in MW2

When Are Barracks Coming to MW2?

There is currently no confirmed date for Barracks coming to MW2. However, it seems very likely that Infinity Ward will introduce the feature in an update very soon.

We will update this article as soon as more information is released.

What Is a Good KD in MW2?

To have a good KD ratio per match, you’re looking at having anything above 1.50. That’s not to say having anything below that is subpar, but above 1.50 is ideal and anything higher than 2.00 is amazing.

If you’re looking to have a high KD ratio in MW2, you should first check out how to unlock custom loadouts in MW2 before building the perfect gun.

What Does KD Mean in MW2?

KD ratio means Kill/Death ratio and is a way of averaging out the number between how many kills you get and how many times you die.

MW2 Weapons

For example, if you kill sixteen players but only die eight times, you’ll have a KD ratio of 2.00. While many casual players don’t worry about their KD, if you’re playing MW2 seriously, then a higher KD is better.

How to See All Stats in MW2

Unfortunately, like seeing your KD ratio, there is currently no way of checking your overall stats. This is likely to change in the coming weeks but is an inconvenience for many right now.

If you want to see your time played or win/loss percentage, for example, you’ll just have to wait. Currently, the only stats available are deaths, kills, and KD ratio.

When Is the MW2 Combat Record Coming?

There is currently no information on when the MW2 Combat Record is coming. However, considering it was initially leaked and not confirmed by Infinity Ward, it is unclear whether it will come at all.

The MW2 Combat Record is a screen within MW2 that details your various stats including KD ratio, time played, win/loss percentage, and more.

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