There are times when Warzone players suddenly find themselves unable to join normal lobbies because of what Activision calls a Shadow Ban.

Players get placed into lobbies with other suspected Warzone cheaters while Activision conducts a review of their accounts during a Shadow Ban. This keeps players away from normal communities and allows Activision to have more time to obtain proof of cheating.

However, most players don’t even know they are facing a potential ban. Here we’ll help you check the status of your Shadow Ban in Warzone and how to handle a potential ban.

How to Check Warzone Shadow Ban

To find out if there is a Shadow Ban on your Warzone account, you’ll need to:

  1. Make your way to the official Activision Support Appeal a Ban page.
  2. Log in using your Activision Account that is tied to Warzone.
  3. Press Continue.
  4. Read through the notice and press “Agree and Continue.”
  5. The next screen will have one of the following three options:
    • No Ban Detected
    • Account is Under Review
    • Permanently Banned
  6. If you fall under the “Account is Under Review’ category, then this means that you currently have a Warzone Shadow Ban.

You can see an example of a Shadow Banned account in the Reddit post below.

When you are Shadow Banned in Warzone, you’ll find yourself getting put into lobbies with other suspected cheaters. This can lead to frustrating situations.

It’s difficult to know if you are facing suspension right away, but one quick tell is if you notice your ping shoot up to 200 just before a match. Players that aren’t cheating are Shadow Banned, so if it happens to you, there is no reason to panic.

How to Fix Shadow Ban in Warzone

To fix your Shadow Ban in Warzone, you can contact support and talk to someone to try and get a handle on the situation and provide proof that you are in no way cheating.

However, Activision may still choose to proceed with the review on its own. If this happens, then continue to join the lobbies available to you and check your account on the Appeal a Ban page.

If it continues to disappear for the “Under Review” process to disappear, try to contact support again to explain your situation.

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