Giving players a shadowban is one of the methods that Activision uses to remove cheaters from MW3 and Warzone. However, fans of the game have many questions about how the system works.

Despite it being very commonplace, Activision has not revealed much about why players get shadowbanned, how to check if you have been shadowbanned, or even how long they last.

That’s why we’ve got everything you need to know about shadowbans in MW3 and Warzone!

What Is A Shadowban?

In Call of Duty games such as Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, a shadowban is when you are prevented from matchmaking normally and are put into lobbies with other shahdowbanned players.

This happens because Activision suspects of cheating or other players have reported you for cheating multiple times.

Warzone Lockdown Mode

If you are Shadowbanned, you can still play in multiplayer game modes, but the lobbies you load into are with other Shadowbanned players. Therefore, you will be in a lobby of other potential hackers, it will take longer to find a game, and your ping will be significantly worse than usual.

How to Check Shadowbans

To check if you are Shadowbanned in MW3 and Warzone, you must visit the Ban Appeal section of the Activision Support website.

From there, you can log in to your Activision account to see your account details.

  1. Head to the Ban Appeal section of the Activision Support website
  2. Log in to your Activision account
  3. Check your account status
    • If it says No Ban Detected, then you are not Shadowbanned
    • If you are Shadowbanned, it will say Account is Under Review or Limited Matchmaking
    • If you are banned from multiplayer, it will say Permanently Banned
Activision Website Appeal A Ban

Can You Appeal Shadowbans?

No, you cannot appeal a Shadowban in MW3 or Warzone, but you can appeal a permanent account ban for Call of Duty titles.

This is especially frustrating for players who have not been cheating but have their matchmaking limited by a Shadowban. Unfortunately, waiting the ban out is the only option.

MW3 Player Accidentally Loads Into a Bot Lobby Cheat Server

How Long Do Shadowbans Last?

There’s no set time for how long Shadowbans last in MW3 and Warzone. Usually, it takes between 1 and 2 weeks for your Shadowban to be removed.

If you are Shadowbanned, make sure to keep an eye on your account status on the Activision Support Website. That way, you’ll be able to find out as soon as your Shadowban ends, and you can matchmake normally again.

Warzone Shooting on Zipline

Hopefully, this has answered all of your questions about Shadowbans in MW3 and Warzone. If you’re one of the unlucky few that have limited matchmaking, it may be best to take a break from Call of Duty for a while until your shadowban is over!

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