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How to Check GameStop Gift Card Balance

To check your GameStop Gift Card Balance, you need to head to their official Balance Inquiry page and enter your Card Number and Pin information.

GameStop Gift Card Balance
The Balance Inquiry page is relatively simple and easy to navigate.
  • Enter the 19-digit card number and 4-digit pin behind your gift card into their respective areas.
    • The account number is located under the bar code, and the pin is found to the right of the bar code under a scratch-off sticker. You can see an example of a gift card in the image below.
  • Select “Check Balance.”

Once you’ve completed these steps, you should see your balance on the screen. If you didn’t receive a physical gift card, then check your email for any digital gift card information.

There should be an email from GameStop with your digital card information and pin number.

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How to Find GameStop Gift Card Pin Location

The pin number of your GameStop Gift Card is behind a scratch-off sticker on the back of the card. If you order a digital gift card, then you’ll receive an email with all the information you need readily available.

Here is where to look if you have a physical gift card:

  • Turn your GameStop Gift Card around.
  • The black box is your Card Number.
  • The red arrow is pointing at the scratch-off sticker. Scratch it off with a dull object, and you will reveal the pin number.
    • Do not use a sharp object. This could damage the card and potentially cause some numbers to be unreadable.
GameStop Gift Card

Here is where to look if you have a digital gift card:

  • Head to the email provider you used when you purchased the digital Gift Card.
  • In your search bar, enter “GameStop Gift Card.”
  • Find the email that correlates with the date you purchased the GameStop Gift Card.
  • Scroll, and you will see a bar code with your Card Number and Pin below it.
Gift Card GameStop Pin

You’ll need to print out the barcode or show the cashier this email to use the digital gift card at a physical location.

The cashier needs to be able to scan the bar code so ensure that your brightness settings are high enough to show the bar code clearly.

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