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How To Charge The PS5 DualSense Controller

The PS5 DualSense controller is the shiniest jewel in the new console's crown. But how does one go about charging such a rare gem?

While reviews of the PS5 have been positive, the PS5 DualSense controller has received universal acclaim from industry pundits and experts.

The haptic response, apparently, needs to be experienced to be believed. And the adaptive triggers have developers and early testers gushing.

We imagine by this time tomorrow, when the console is in the loving arms of its new owners, they won't be alone. Next-gen becomes current-gen – today.

But things are a little different this time around when it comes to charging the DualSense controller. At least compared to the DualShock 4.

Traditional Ways to Charge the PS5 Controller

Like the PS3 and PS5 before it, the PS5 controller can charge from the console's front. The DualSense can connect to the front of the PS5 using a USB C cable.

This is the traditional approach that many owners will use. Or the cable can plug into a wall socket and charge that way.

Remember, the PS5 will not charge the controller using older USB cables. The console luckily comes bundled with a USB C cable, but those who try to use their PS4 USB cables will be disappointed.

We welcome this change. That's because the USB C is far more modern, charges devices quicker, and is also much more robust. That's because it features additional metal casing to protect the cable ports.

ps5 accessories

DualSense Docking Station

Alternatively, owners can purchase the PS5 DualSense docking station to charge the controller instead. The docking station can charge two DualSense controllers at once, which is an added bonus.

It can be plugged into the PS5 or a separate plug socket to work. But we think the charging dock looks like a nifty addition to the PS5's tool kit.

There are sold separately, as is a second controller. Although we imagine they will be popular accessories among new PS5 owners. The dock also matches the PS5 in terms of design.

It's also a safer and more organized way to store your pricey new PS5 DualSense controllers when they are not in use.

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Here's what the reviewers are saying about the PS5 and the DualSense controller.


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