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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Stances Explained – Every Stance & How to Unlock Them

Unlock new stances to become the most powerful Jedi!

Players can utilize a range of stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor when fighting enemies, including the Dual Wield stance, which is brand-new for the game.

However, players will first need to unlock the Dual Wield stance not only to use it but to be able to switch between stances in the future.

Every Stance You Unlock in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

You will unlock five different stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, including the two you start the game with.

These stances are:

  • Single
  • Double-bladed
  • Dual Wield
  • Blaster
  • Crossguard
Cal using the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Single and Double-bladed stances are unlocked from the start, with the Dual Wield stance unlocking a few hours into the game.

It won’t take you long to unlock every stance that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has to offer despite the game’s lengthy runtime.

How to Unlock the Dual Wield Stance

You automatically unlock the Dual Wield stance during your fight with the Ninth Sister on Coruscant during the beginning of the game.

You can expect to unlock it roughly within the first two hours of your playthrough, depending on how long you spend exploring.

During the fight, Cal splits his lightsaber into two to block an incoming attack. He then uses the stance for the rest of the fight, after which players can equip it permanently if they want.

Once unlocked, players will be prompted to switch their stances. However, if you don’t want to at that moment, you can always equip the Dual Wield stance later at a Meditation Spot or Workbench.

Cal fighting the Ninth Sister with his dual wield stance

How to Unlock the Blaster Stance

Players will automatically unlock the Blaster stance while progressing through the story once they reach the planet Jedha.

You just need to head to the Archives as part of the mission. Once you’re there, a cutscene will play, after which Bode will give you his blaster, unlocking the stance.

Cal using Bode's blaster in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Unlock the Crossguard Stance

To unlock the Crossguard stance, players will need to head to the Shattered Moon of Koboh.

Once there, you’ll need to defeat the Bedlam Raider Lieutenant miniboss, Drya Thornne, after which you’ll unlock the Crossguard stance.

To get to Thornne, players must progress through the story naturally until they reach the Superstructure Fabricators. There, they will meet the miniboss.

Early on, you can choose where to go after leaving Jedha. If you want the Crossguard stance as early as possible, we recommend going straight to the Shattered Moon of Koboh.

Cal fighting Drya Thornne in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Change Your Stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

You can change between either of your currently equipped stances by hitting either left or right on the D-Pad.

However, you can change which stances you have equipped by heading to a Meditation Spot or Workbench. You can only have two stances equipped at any given time.

When you get to a Meditation Spot, you will need to select the Stance option. Then choose which slot (left or right) to alter and select the stance you wish to use.

The Stance options in the Meditation spot in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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