If you’ve just found yourself a new spacecraft, you’ll need to know how to swap between your rides and change ships in Starfield!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Starfield space travel. You can upgrade your ship, purchase a brand-new one, or even steal a vessel and register it as yours.

But once you’ve got multiple ships to choose from, how do you change which one you’re currently using? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for:

How to Change Home Ship in Starfield

To change your Home Ship in Starfield, talk to a Ship Services Technician (found near the landing pad of any major city) and select “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”

Ship Services Technician in Starfield

This will bring up all your ships, which you can scroll through with Q/T (PC) or LB/RB (Xbox). Then, simply find the one you want to swap to and select Make Home Ship with H (PC) or Menu (Xbox).

This will swap your current ship to the vessel of your choosing. It’ll even change on the landing pad beside you.

How to Change Home Ship in Starfield

How to Switch Between Ships in Starfield

To switch ships in Starfield, simply follow these steps:

  • Find a Ship Services Technician
    • These are found in most major cities or outposts, near the landing strip where you touch down
  • Talk to them and select “I’d like to view and modify my ships”
  • Choose which ship you’d like to switch to
  • Press H (PC) or the Menu Button (Xbox) to ‘Make Home Ship’
  • You’ve now successfully swapped your ship in Starfield

Bear in mind that if the new ship can hold fewer crew members than the old one, some of your crew or companions will be unassigned.

Assign Crew Menu in Starfield

You can change which crew are assigned to your Home Ship by opening the ship menu and pressing C (PC) or Y (Xbox).

Then, select which members you want to assign to your ship and they’ll appear on board.

How to Get a New Ship in Starfield

There are several ways to get a new ship in Starfield:

  • Purchase one at ship manufacturers or a Ship Services Technician
  • Find an abandoned ship in space or on a planet
  • Steal one by disabling a ship’s engines, docking, and killing the crew
  • Steal one by docking at a friendly vessel and killing the crew
  • Be given one as a reward for missions

And once you’ve got multiple ships, now you know how to change between them in Starfield.

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