You can easily change the Pokemon in your party in Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been out for a week now, and players are still uncovering its secrets.

This entry in the franchise has completely revamped the Pokemon formula. Players often find themselves discovering new mechanics to the simplest tasks, like catching a Pokemon.

The action-adventure mechanics in Pokemon Legends Arceus make the game a lot more dynamic than its predecessors.

Getting used to Hisui might take some hours, but it is certainly a significant upgrade from what fans are used to.

Many fans have complained about the graphics of Legends Arceus. Although, this has not been a deal-breaker for thousands of trainers already enjoying Hisui.

Even discovering how to change the Pokemon in your party has been an exciting experience for many fans.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Village Pastures Marie

Where to Change Pokemon in Your Party in Legends Arceus

You can easily change the Pokemon in your party in Legends Arceus.

Here are the easiest ways to swap Pokemon in your party:

  • Visit the Village Pastures in Jubilife Village and speak with Marie, or you can talk to the Galaxy Team member on each camp.
  • *Select the Pokemon you want to move to your party with “A” and select the “Move” option
  • Once the Pokemon is selected, simply move to the left and tap “A” once again on the party Pokemon you want to change

*Pro-Tip: If you want to change several Pokemon from your party in Legends Arceus, press “Y” once instead of directly selecting with A.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Change Party

Right after launch, Pokemon Legends Arceus immediately became a hit for Nintendo.

Sales data revealed Pokemon Legends Arceus is the second best-selling game on Nintendo Switch.

Undoubtedly, Legends Arceus changed the Pokemon formula the way fans wanted for years!

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