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How to Change Ping Color in Warzone 2

Pinging locations in Warzone 2 is a vital form of communication but the default ping color can be difficult to see.

The ping feature is an important part of battle royale games. It is a way to show your squad where you want to land, and move to, or to show the location of enemy players.

However, in Warzone 2 the ping color is hard to spot but there is a way to change it!

How to Change Your Ping Color in Warzone 2

To change the ping color in Warzone 2 you will need to find ‘Interface Element Colors’ and change the ‘Neutral’ option in the settings. Follow these steps:

  1. While on the main menu of the game, press the menu button on the controller or F3 on Keyboard and Mouse
  2. Press R1 on PS / RB on Xbox three times to get to the cog wheel. On K+M you can use your mouse to navigate to it
  3. Scroll down to “Interface” using the left analog stick and press X on PS or A on Xbox to enter the tab. On PC left-click on “Interface”
  4. In “Interface” scroll down to “Color Customization” and press X/A/Left-click
  5. Using the left-analog scroll down to “Neutral” and On K+M use your mouse to do the same
  6. Press X/A/Left-click on “Neutral” to change the color of your choice

The default white ping color is extremely difficult to see so it is best that you change this. Communication with your team will be much easier too.

However, this color customization is unique to you, so you will need to get your team to follow these steps as well if they want the benefits.

Best Ping Colors to Use in Warzone 2

The best ping colors to use in Warzone 2 are bright colors as they will stand out more.

We recommend using these color options and if you cannot locate the color, we have attached the color code as well:

  • Pink – (#F25BEF) – Column 15, Row 2
  • Turquoise Blue – (#01FFF0) – Column 9, Row 2
  • Green – (#46C900) – Column 7, Row 3
  • Light Purple – (#D060FF) – Column 14, Row 1

To enter the color code, click “Custom Color” and change the “Hex” value.

Warzone 2 Ping Color Hex

There are plenty of other settings you can change to improve your Warzone 2 experience. If you are on PC, you can change your settings to improve FPS or visuals.

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