To change the appearance of gear and clothing without changing your stats in Hogwarts Legacy, you must go to your Gear Menu, hover over the item you want to appear differently, and press the ‘Change Appearance’ button.

Then, you can select it to appear as any of the different clothing items you have acquired in the game so far.

Not having to be still carrying the clothing you select the appearance is especially handy and can free up a lot of inventory space. This is particularly the case if you haven’t upgraded how much gear you can carry in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here’s how you can change the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy to any item of your choosing:

  • Pause the game and go to your Gear menu
  • Hover over the item you wish to change the appearance of
    • This should show you information such as its stats, upgrades, traits, and sell value
  • Press the Change Appearance button while hovering over the item you wish to change:
    • Square on PlayStation
    • X on Xbox
Hogwarts Legacy Change Clothing Appearance
  • You can then select your gear to appear like any of the other clothing items you have previously acquired. The stats will remain the same
  • Any time you change your equipped gear, this resets the Change Appearance option you have selected
    • You will have to select what you want that particular clothing item to appear as again
  • You can tell which gear you have changed the appearance of, thanks to a small eye symbol in the corner of the item on the Gear screen

If you’re after some cool-looking clothes to strut around Hogwarts in, you’re in luck. You can unlock the Fan-atic School Robe and Beaked Skull mask for free!

Hogwarts Legacy Transmog Gear Screen

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