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How to Change Class in Fire Emblem Engage

To change a unit’s class in Fire Emblem Engage, players will need to get either a Master Seal or Second Seal and go to The Somniel. Then, press + to open the menu and select Inventory.

Select a character and choose ‘Change Class’. By using either a Master Seal or Second Seal, you can change the unit’s class freely!

Here’s how to get a Master Seal in Fire Emblem Engage, used for upgrading units to Advanced Classes!

Here’s how to get a Second Seal in Fire Emblem Engage, used for changing a unit’s Class to another in the same level or lower – as well as allowing you to reset any Class back to level 1.

How to Change Class in Fire Emblem Engage

Requirements to Change Class in Fire Emblem Engage

In order to be eligible for a Class change in Fire Emblem Engage, a unit must be at the appropriate level and contain proficiency in any necessary skills that the new class requires. The player must also have a Master or Second Seal.

Proficiencies in a specific weapon or skill are usually needed before a unit can become an Advanced Class.

What’s more, certain Classes also require a unit to be upgraded from a specific Class in order to attain their power.

How to Upgrade to Advanced Class


You’ll need to raise the character in question’s level to at least 10 to change their Class using a Master or Second Seal. The exception to this rule is if you’re using a Second Seal to downgrade them from an Advanced unit to a Basic one.

However, characters that are recruited as a Special Class, such as Thief, can be changed to any Basic class at any time using a Second Seal.

To use a Master Seal to upgrade to an Advanced Class, Special Classes will have to reach level 21.

What Is a Master Seal Fire Emblem Engage


Many classes will also require your character to attain proficiency in a given weapon too, so check the requirements ahead of time and work toward your preference.

Weapon proficiencies can be obtained by bonding with one of Fire Emblem Engage’s Emblem Heroes. By wearing Marth’s ring in battle until the character’s bond reaches level 8, that unit will gain Sword Proficiency, for example.

On the other hand, bonding with Celica to level 6 will give the Emblem Ring-wielder Magic Proficiency.

How to Gain Proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage

Master Seal vs Second Seal Differences in Fire Emblem Engage

A Master Seal is exclusively used to upgrade units from Basic to the Advanced tier in Fire Emblem Engage. On the other hand, a Second Seal can change units from one Basic or Advanced Class to another of the same power level.

A Second Seal can also be used to downgrade a unit from Advanced to any Basic Class, or reset a max level unit back to level 1.

In this way the unit can learn new skills or reset its potential for growth, without losing any stats.

Master Seal-Upgrade Basic Class to Advanced Class
-Upgrade Special Class to Advanced Class
-Level 10 or higher
-Level 21 or higher
Second Seal-Change any Basic or Advanced Class to another Basic or Advanced Class
-Change a Advanced Class to any Basic Class
-Change Special Class to any Basic Class
-Reset a Class back to level 1 without lowering stats
-Level 10 or higher
-Max Level

Bear in mind that Master and Second Seals are both limited resources, so use them wisely. Each Class change or upgrade you make will consume a Seal, and the rare items don’t come cheap!

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If they are, you’ll need to find a Pact Ring in order to cement your relationship.

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