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How to Change Camera Angle on FIFA 21 for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

The upgraded version of FIFA 21 is live now ahead of schedule for many Next-Gen console owners. There are a few gameplay changes in Next Gen, so here's how to change camera angle if you want a reset.

FIFA 21 was originally scheduled to upgrade from current to Next Gen on Friday, December 4. However, gamers will be delighted with the news of an early arrival from EA Sports.

For some owners of the FIFA 21 title, the Next Gen upgrade went live on December 3 at various times. EA Sports confirmed the upgrade via twitter, and went on to state it will indeed be available worldwide December 4.

Many were quick to dive into Next Gen FIFA gameplay, exploring potential changes and improvements. Of the noticeable differences so far, camera angles seems to be top of the list.

FIFA 21 Next-Gen Camera Angles

The premier camera angle the game developers seemingly want to highlight, is the EA Sports GameCam. It's set as the new default angle in Next Gen FIFA, and offers a different look at the pitch.

EA Sports GameCam allows for a more complete view of all the action on-field, and gives different looks at players after goals are scored. Another alternate camera angle, Co-op offers the biggest overall picture view.

In addition, there has been an upgrade to camera angles and scenes after a late game winner is scored. Full-team celebrations and fans going wild in the stands evoke a true match day feel.

But what about the FIFA players of many years now, who just want their normal camera angle for peak performance gameplay?

How to Change Back to Default FIFA Settings

For those who prefer the original FIFA 21 settings, here's how to change camera angles back to the Default. First go to your pause menu -> settings (if in-game) or basic settings menu (if not in-game).

Once you're into the Settings menu, scroll over and click on Game Settings, you should see a screen like this.

FIFA 21 How to Change Camera Angle Next Gen Settings
Game Settings from Pause Menu (in-game)

Then all you need to do is change back to Default camera view and it will look like the FIFA 21 you know. Be sure to change for both Single and Multiplayer game modes, as each carries it's own camera angle setting.

Remember, FIFA 21 Next Gen is available through Dual Entitlement for all who purchased a previous gen copy. And if your Next Gen version isn't available yet, check out our info on How to Preload FIFA 21 Next Gen for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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