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How to Catch all Tauros Forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced new forms of the iconic Generation 1 Pokemon Tauros – here’s how you catch them.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can catch multiple different types of Tauros, depending on which version they chose.

Each one has its own individual benefits, but they can be a little tricky to obtain. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know in order to catch your very own Tauros.

Every Form of Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are three different forms of Tauros that players can catch across both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which include:

  • Tauros Combat Breed (available in both Pokemon Violet and Scarlet)
  • Tauros Aqua Breed (exclusive to Pokemon Violet)
  • Tauros Blaze Breed (exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet)

While the Combat Breed form of Tauros is easy to find, the Blaze Breed and Aqua Breed require a bit more effort. It is worth noting that the original Tauros form is nowhere to be found in Scarlet and Violet

the Aqua, Combat and Blaze Breeds of Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
From left to right – Aqua Breed, Blaze Breed, Combat Breed

Where To Catch All Forms of Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You can catch all Paldean forms of Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in both the East and West Provinces. It is worth noting that they can only spawn in grassy areas.

You will find Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in:

  • Around Zapapico
  • North of Levincia
  • East Province (Area Two)
  • East Province (Area Three)
  • West Province (Area Two)
Tauros Habitats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How To Easily Spawn the Combat, Blaze, and Aqua Breeds of Tauros

To spawn the Blaze Breed of Tauros, you need to eat a Pickle Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet. To spawn the Aqua Breed of Tauros, you must eat a Zesty Sandwich in Pokemon Violet.

Afterwards, head to the spawn locations of Tauros and catch one. You can try to find one without using a sandwich, but it will take longer.

For full instructions, continue reading:

  • Make a Pickle Sandwich (if you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet) or a Zesty Sandwich (if you’re playing Pokemon Violet)
    • These sandwiches boost Encounter Bonuses. They won’t guarantee you will find one, so if you don’t the first time, fly to another Tauros spawn point and try there.
  • After eating the sandwich, head to the East Province (Area Two) or West Province (Area Two)
  • Search for a Tauros. It should be either a Blaze Breed Tauros (if you’re playing Scarlet) or an Aqua Breed Tauros (if you’re playing Violet).
  • Additionally, if you want to have an Aqua Breed Tauros but you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet, or vice versa, then you will need to trade with other players.
Tauros Herd in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
All Combat Breed Tauros

Of course, it will help to know how to make both of the required sandwiches before you use them. Additionally, the Combat Breed of Tauros can be found without needing to use a sandwich.

Combat Breed

  • The Paldean Combat Breed is the default form of Tauros in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and spawns commonly.
    • It is a Fighting-type Pokemon.

Blaze Breed

  • The Paldean Blaze Breed of Tauros is native to Pokemon Scarlet and only spawns in that game version.
    • It is a Fire and Fighting-type Pokemon.
    • Its unique features to tell it apart from the default Combat Breed include red accents and a braided tail. Its horns are also pointier and form right angles.
  • To spawn it, eat a consumable with a Fire-type Encounter Power bonus, like the Pickle Sandwich.
    • To make the sandwich use a Pickle and Olive Oil.
    • Both ingredients are given to you at the beginning of the game.
      • But if you need more of either, Sure Cans sells Pickles, and the Artisan Bakery sells Olive Oil (both are in Mesagoza).
Pickle Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Aqua Breed

  • The Aqua Breed of Tauros is native to Pokemon Violet and only spawns in that game version.
    • It is a Water and Fighting-type Pokemon
    • Its unique features to tell it apart from the default Combat Breed include blue accents and spheres in its horns. It also has a corkscrew-like tail and a longer mane.
  • To spawn it, eat a consumable that gives a Water-type Encounter Power bonus, like the Zesty Sandwich.
    • The Zesty Sandwich requires a Jalapeno, an Onion, Chilli Sauce, and Herbed Sausage.
    • All ingredients are collectively available at the Sure Cans or Artisan Bread shops (Jalapeno and Onion) and the Deli Cioso shops (Chilli Sauce and Herbed Sausage) in Mesagoza.
Zesty Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How To Catch Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To catch any form of the Paldean Tauros, lower its health into the red, use a move to induce an effect like paralysis or sleep, and then use a Great or Ultra Ball to catch it.

You can also use a Quick Ball, which is more effective if it is your first move in battle, to catch a Tauros immediately.

Catching a Pokemon in a Ball

If Tauros is still not staying the ball after many attempts, use a Timer Ball if you have one. This Poke Ball is more effective the more turns pass in a battle.

You can purchase all of these Poke Balls and more at Poke Marts or Delibird Presents stores. Check out our guide on the locations of all Delibird Presents Stores.

Keep in mind that each Poke Ball requires you to progress to a certain stage in the game in order to obtain them. Those requirements are:

  • Great Balls unlock at Poke Marts after one Gym Badge.
  • Ultra Balls (more effective than Great Balls) unlock at Poke Marts after five Gym Badges.
  • Quick Balls unlock at Poke Marts after six Gym Badges.
  • Timer Balls unlock at Poke Marts after eight Gym Badges.

Do the Different Tauros Breeds Have Different Stats in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

No, all Palden Tauros have the same base stats regardless of whether they are Aqua, Blaze or Combat breeds.

However, they don’t share the same stats as the original Normal-type Tauros from previous games. They have more weaknesses than the Normal-type Tauros, in exchange for additional resistances.


What Are the Stats, Resistances, and Weaknesses of the Paldean Tauros Forms?

The Paldean Tauros have high Attack and Defense with 110 base Attack and 105 base Defense. Their speed is similarly high at 100, but their Sp. Atk is quite low at 30.

All Paldean Tauros breeds are weak to both Flying and Fairy-type Pokemon, but each breed has its own unique weaknesses. Additionally, they’re all resistant to Dark and Bug.

All Paldean Tauros Stats

  • They all have the same stats regardless of form
StatsAverage Base StatRange at LVL 50Range at LVL 100
HP75135 – 182260 – 354
Attack110103 – 178202 – 350
Defense10599 – 172193 – 339
Sp. Atk3031 – 9058 – 174
Sp. Def7067 – 134130 – 262
Speed10094 – 167184 – 328

Weaknesses of Paldean Tauros Forms

Combat Breed (Both)Blaze Breed (Scarlet)Aqua Breed (Violet)
Weaknesses (Double Damage)Flying, Psychic, and FairyFlying, Psychic, Ground, and WaterFlying, Psychic, Grass, Electric, and Fairy
Resistances (Halved Damage)
Rock, Bug, and DarkBug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, DarkRock, Bug, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, Dark

You should look into how to change your Pokemon’s Nature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so you can fine-tune your Tauros to be Attack and Defense-focused.

Also, Tauros isn’t the only Pokemon with multiple forms to catch, and if you want to catch them all, you should also look into where to find Tatsugiri in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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