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Where to Find Tatsugiri in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Catching one of these bizarre semi-aquatic fish Pokemon may not seem to be worth your time, but Tatsugiri has some unique abilities that make it worth the effort.

There are also three different forms of Tatsugiri, each with a different Shiny version, but they all share the same stats and abilities.

But for those in it for Pokemon battles, don’t worry. Catching this dual Dragon and Water-type can be helpful for those too, despite some low base stats.

Where To Catch Tatsugiri in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Map & Location

You can catch all forms of Tatsugiri in Lake Casseroya, on the northwest side of Paldea. Usually, these Pokemon are either flopping around on the lake’s islands or swimming in the lake.

Tatsugiri may attempt to flee from you if encountered on land, but it is otherwise a very easy Pokemon to find in the region.

Tatsugiri-Habitat-Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Stretchy Tatsugiri

Tatsugiri spawns in considerable numbers in this area, which is perfect for hunting the Shiny for each of its forms. You can achieve this faster if you know how to boost your Shiny odds and utilize the Shiny farming exploit.

If you are interested in catching Dondozo check out our guide on how to catch Dondozo.

How To Catch Tatsugiri

To catch Tatsugiri, lower its health until its HP bar is red or orange. Then, for a higher catch rate, use a Dive, Net, or Ultra Ball.

  • Your Pokemon should be at least Level 50 or higher, with at least four gym badges. But given Tatsugiri’s weak base stats, it is very easy to catch even below that.
  • Ice, Dragon, or Fairy-type Pokemon moves are super effective against Tatsugiri. However, if you are not careful, super effective attacks can knock out the Pokemon accidentally, so be mindful when using them!
  • Using False Swipe is always a great idea since it leaves the opponent with just 1 HP.
  • If you are having trouble keeping it in the Poke Ball, inflict it with a Status move like Glare to inflict paralysis.
    • Status moves cause indirect damage, raise or lower a Pokemon’s stats, or inflict status conditions, including paralysis or sleep, which can prevent that Pokemon from making a turn.
    • Inflicting Pokemon with the Status conditions by using a Status move can also improve the catch rate.
    • Catch rate refers to the likelihood of catching a Pokemon with a Poke Ball.
  • Poke Balls that work best to catch Tatsugiri (Dive, Net, and Ultra Balls) are available to purchase at Poke Marts or Delibird Presents stores locations.
    • Net Balls (effective against Bug and Water-type Pokemon) unlock at Poke Marts after catching 70 Pokemon.
    • Dive (effective against Pokemon in water) and Ultra Balls (higher catch rate) unlock at Poke Marts after five Gym Badges.
Tatsugiri fighting Raichu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What Are the Three Forms of Tatsugiri?

The three forms of Tatsugiri found in Casseroya Lake include the orange Curly Form, the pink Droopy Form, and the yellow Stretchy Form.

  • All three forms share the same average base stats and abilities, but each has different Shiny versions.
  • Each form of Tatsuguiri can join the Water-type Pokemon Dondozo in double battles and grant different boosts via Dondozo’s Dragon-type move, Order Up.
    • You can learn all about how Tatsugiri combines with Dondozo in our guide. But as a brief rundown, if you plan on combining them, here are the forms and their effects on Order Up.

Curly Tatsugiri Benefit

  • If you have a Curly Form, Order Up Grants Dondozo a Defense Bonus.

Stretchy Tatsugiri Benefit

  • If you have a Stretchy Form, Order Up Grants Dondozo a Speed Bonus.

Droopy Tatsugiri Benefit

  • If you have a Droopy Form, Order Up Grants Dondozo an Attack Bonus.

Tatsugiri’s Stats and Signature Ability

Tatsugiri has fairly average stats overall, but it does have a rather high Sp. Atk and Sp. Def. However, its low Defense and Attack make it only useful in specific encounters.

Its signature Ability, Commander, allows it to combine with Dondozo in double battles (2v2) for increased stats and a bonus depending on its form to Dondozo’s Order Up move.

StatBase StatRange at LVL 50Range at LVL 100
HP68128 -175246 – 340
Attack5049 – 11294 – 218
Defense6058 – 123112 – 240
Sp. Atk120112 – 189220 – 372
Sp. Def9590 – 161175 – 317
Speed8278 – 147152 – 289

What Are Tatsugiri’s Resistances and Weaknesses?

Tatsugiri, as a dual Water and Dragon-type Pokemon, is weak to Dragon and Fairy-type moves, receiving double damage from both. Damage from Steel, Fire, and Water-type moves is halved.

However, its Water-type moves deal double damage to Fire, Rock, and Ground-types, and its Dragon-type moves also deal double damage to Dragon-types.

Tatsugiri’s Weaknesses

The following types of attacks do double damage to Tatsugiri.

  • Dragon
  • Fairy
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Tinkatuff is Steel and Fairy-type Pokemon. Bad News For Tatsugiri.

Tatsugiri’s Resistances

The following types of attacks do halve the damage to Tatsugiri.

  • Steel
  • Fire
  • Ground

To raise Tatsugiri’s stats and build up its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def to new heights, you can consider Hyper Training and also EV Training your Pokemon.

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