Morelull has finally arrived in Pokemon GO – here’s how you can catch it, whether there’s a shiny version and everything else you need to know about this Pokemon!

Pokemon GO’s Pokedex is always expanding and the latest additions to the game are the ‘Illuminating Pokemon’ Morelull and its evolution Shiinotic.

You’ll definitely want to get both of these during the 2022 Festival of Lights event as you never know when they’ll return!

Festival of Lights 2022 Pokemon GO Event

Every Way to Catch Morelull in Pokemon GO

There are 4 different ways to catch Morelull during the 2022 Pokemon GO Festival of Lights:

When is Morelull Available to Catch?

Morelull will be available to catch during the 2022 Pokemon GO Festival of Lights event, from October 14 – October 17.

Following the conclusion of this event, it is not known when Morelull will return to the game.

However, even if these Pokemon don’t make a return, plenty more will be making their GO debuts. A huge datamine revealed over 50 upcoming Pokemon!

How to Evolve Morelull into Shiinotic in Pokemon GO

To evolve Morelull into Shiinotic, you will need 50 Morelull Candy.

Once you have the required Candy, you can press the evolve button to change your Morelull into Shiinotic.

If you need a few more to get to 50, here are the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO!

Festival of Lights 2022 New Pokemon - Morelull and Shiinotic

Is There Shiny Morelull & Shiinotic in Pokemon GO?

No, shiny Morelull and Shiinotic are not in Pokemon GO yet.

Niantic adds the shiny form of new Pokemon pretty far in the future so fans could be waiting until 2023 or even longer for shiny Morelull.

Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact chances of encountering shinies!

Morelull Stats & Information

Max CP1168

Morelull Best Moveset & Attacks

The best moveset for Morelull is Astonish and Dazzling Gleam. These are all of the different attacks you can teach Morelull in Pokemon GO:

Fast Attacks

  • Astonish (Ghost)

Charged Attacks

  • Seed Bomb (Grass)
  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  • Giga Drain (Grass)

To teach Morelull a random new attack, you will need to give it a TM. Alternatively, you can give it an Elite Charged TM to change its charged attack.

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