A new secret way to encounter and catch the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta in The Indigo Disk expansion for Scarlet & Violet has been discovered!

The Gen 5 Mythical Pokemon Meloetta returns in The Indigo Disk, and there’s a secret way to encounter it. After a couple of days of testing, players have finally found exactly how the special encounter works, and we’ve got the method for you below:

How to Get Meloetta

Here’s how to encounter and catch Meloetta in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

Note: You will need The Indigo Disk expansion to find this Mythical Pokemon in the wild. However, you do not have to have completed the game or even fought in the BB League before encountering it.

  1. First, fly to the Coastal Outdoor Classroom, in the Coastal Biome
  2. Then head east until you get to this location on the map
Where Does Meloetta Spawn in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. Here you’ll see a subtle swirl of wind, circling the ground next to a small bush
Where to Find Meloetta in Pokemon Scarlet Violet
  1. Stand in this circle and spin your left joystick clockwise
  2. If you spin fast enough, your character will begin to twirl on the spot
Spinning to Spawn Meloetta in Pokemon Scarlet
  1. Make them continue to spin for 10 seconds
  2. Then stop spinning and press Down on the D-Pad to bring up the Camera
  3. Press Left on the D-Pad 5 times to change the filter to Sepia
Sepia Camera Filter Meloetta
  1. After a few seconds, you will then hear the Relic Song begin to play, signifying that Meloetta has spawned nearby!

Be sure to save your game here! Meloetta will only spawn once, and it has a low Catch Rate, so you don’t want to accidentally KO it or run out of Poke Balls.

Once you’re ready, press A on Meloetta to begin your encounter with the Level 70 Mythical Pokemon!

Meloetta Stats & Moves

Aria Forme: Normal/Psychic
Pirouette Forme: Normal/Fighting
Tera Type: Fighting

Base Stats:

StatAria FormePirouette Forme
Sp. Attack12877
Sp. Defense12877
Meloetta Summary in Pokemon Scarlet


  • Sing
  • Hyper Voice
  • Relic Song
  • Psychic

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