Find out every way you can catch the new Pokemon Mareanie in Pokemon GO, whether there is a shiny version, as well as how you can evolve it into Toxapex!

The Pokedex in Pokemon GO keeps expanding, with new creatures being added to the game every month.

As part of Pokemon GO 2022 Fashion Week, Niantic has finally added Mareanie and its evolution Toxapex to the game. For the duration of the event, Mareanie will be relatively easy to catch, providing you know how to do it!

Here’s everything you need to know about catching Mareanie during the 2022 Fashion Week event!

Some Pokemon featured in Pokemon GO Fashion Week

Every Way to Catch Mareanie in Pokemon GO 2022 Fashion Week

There are 3 different ways you can catch Mareanie during the 2022 Fashion Week event:

While you are out finding Mareanie, you’ll also want to hatch some of the new Eggs. Here’s every Pokemon you can hatch from the 7km Fashion Week Egg!

Pokemon GO Mareanie Dugtrio

Is There Shiny Mareanie in Pokemon GO?

No, there is not a shiny version of Mareanie in Pokemon GO yet.

Despite this, a shiny version of Mareanie will almost certainly make its way to the game in the future. This will most likely be in 2023, but it may arrive even later than that!

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How to Evolve Mareanie into Toxapex in Pokemon GO

To evolve Mareanie into Toxapex in Pokemon GO, you need 50 Mareanie Candy. Then you can press the evolve button to turn it into Toxapex.

Here’s how to earn Candy fast in Pokemon GO so you can get your hands on a Toxapex as soon as possible!

Mareanie & Toxapex

In other news, find out the Pokemon GO Battle League schedule for the Season of Light. Toxepex should be a powerful pick for battling, so you’ll want to be prepared!

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