Lechonk has finally made its way to Pokemon GO, and catching one is very simple!

During the A Paldean Adventure event, there are five different ways to encounter Lechonk. This means that everyone will have plenty of opportunities to add it to their Pokedex and maybe even evolve it into Oinkologne.

How to Catch Lechonk in Pokemon GO: A Paldean Adventure

There are five ways to catch Lechonk during the A Paldean Adventure event:

Following the conclusion of the A Paldean Adventure event at 10 AM local time on September 10, 2023, you will no longer be able to catch Lechonk via these methods.

Instead, Lechonk will be one of the 2km Egg hatches this season from September 10 onwards.

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure Trailer Lechonk

How to Evolve Lechonk into Oinkologne

To evolve Lechonk into Oinkologne in Pokemon GO, you need 50 Lechonk Candy. However, which Oinkologne you get depends on its gender.

Evolving a female Lechonk will give you a brown Oinkologne, while evolving a male Lechonk will give you a black Oinkologne.

Evolve Lechonk Pokemon GO

Can You Get Shiny Lechonk & Oinkologne in Pokemon GO?

Yes, if you are very lucky, you can catch the shiny version of Lechonk in Pokemon GO. You can then evolve a shiny Lechonk into a shiny Oinkologne using 50 Lechonk Candy.

The odds of Lechonk being shiny are the standard 0.2%, meaning only 1 in 500 Lechonk are shiny in Pokemon GO.

The shiny version of Lechonk is a bright pink instead of brown. Meanwhile, the shiny versions of both male and female Oinkologne are white and light pink.

Normal and Shiny Lechonk and Oinkologne Pokemon GO
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