Pokemon GO has been adding plenty of Gen 7 Pokemon to the game recently, and Komala is the latest one that is available to catch.

However, adding this sleepy, Koala-like Pokemon to your Pokedex may prove tricky. This is because it will initially only be available for a limited time.

How to Get Komala in Pokemon GO

Currently, the only way to get Komala in Pokemon GO is by encountering and catching a wild one during the Catching Some Z’s event, which is running from 10 AM on July 15 to 8 PM on July 16, 2023.

While it’s a rare wild spawn during the event, you should be able to find at least a couple.

If you’re struggling to find one, you can also use Lure Modules or Incense to attract Pokemon to your location.

After the event ends, Komala won’t be a wild spawn, so you should try to catch one while you can. Otherwise, you will likely have to wait a while to add it to your Pokedex!

Pokemon GO Komala

When Will Komala Be Available to Catch Again?

Niantic has not announced when Komala will next return to Pokemon GO following the Catching Some Z’s event. Despite this, we don’t expect that it will be long before Komala is once-again spawning in the wild.

Other recent additions to the game, such as Togedemaru, Morelull, Crabrawler, and Bruxish, all began spawning in the wild a few weeks or a couple of months after they came to Pokemon GO. Therefore, we expect Komala to be readily available once again in a similar amount of time.

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