To catch Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO, you must be in Australia. This is because it is a region-exclusive Pokemon that only spawns in that part of the world.

In Australia, you can find Kangaskhan in the wild, just as you would any other wild Pokemon.

Despite this, it is still a rare spawn there, so it may still take a while to find one.

Can You Catch Kangaskhan Outside of Australia?

Yes, it is possible to catch Kangaskhan outside of Australia, but this opportunity is very rare and limited to a few in-game events.

During some events, such as Pokemon GO Fest, region-exclusive Pokemon will spawn worldwide. Sometimes, this will include Kangaskhan.

Additionally, some events like this may also have Kangaskhan as a Tier 3 Raid boss or Mega Kangaskhan as a Tier 4 Raid Boss.

Region Exclusives Pokemon GO Fest 2021

Can You Trade Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can trade Kangaskhan with any of your Pokemon GO friends, just as you can most other Pokemon in the game.

Therefore, if any of your in-game friends are visiting Australia, it might be a good idea to ask them to bring back a Kangaskhan for you!

Trade Kangaskhan Pokemon GO

Can You Catch Shiny Kangaskhan?

Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO, but it is very rare.

The odds of a wild Kangaskhan you encounter in Pokemon GO being shiny are 1 in 500. However, Kangaskhan’s shiny odds appear to be higher (around 1 in 128) when encountering one after winning a Raid.

Shiny Kangaskhan has a gray body and green head, instead of the brown and dark gray of the standard version.

Normal and Shiny Kangaskhan Pokemon GO
Kangaskhan (left) and shiny Kangaskhan (right)
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