Greavard, the Ghost Dog Pokemon, has made its way to Pokemon GO, but catching one isn’t simple!

Gen 9 Pokemon keep on coming to Pokemon GO, and to coincide with the spookiest event of the year, the creepy canine Greavard has arrived in the game.

While you won’t find it in the wild during the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event, there are a couple of ways to catch this Ghost-type Pokemon and add it to your Pokedex!

How to Get Greavard in Pokemon GO

There are three ways to get Greavard in the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event:

  • Win a 3-Star Greavard Raid (until 10 AM on October 26)
  • Complete the Halloween Timed Research
    • You earn an encounter with Greavard in each step of this Research
  • Complete a specific Field Research Task in Halloween Part 2 (starting at 10 AM on October 26)

Greavard will only be a Raid boss until 10 AM local time on October 26, 2023. This is when Part 2 of Pokemon GO Halloween begins.

Meanwhile, the other two methods will work until 8 PM local time on October 31, 2023. This is when the Timed Research will expire, and the Field Research will no longer be available as it is the end of the 2023 Halloween event.

We will update this list with the exact Field Research Task to encounter Greavard once it is available at 10 AM on October 26.
Greavard Pokemon GO Trailer

Following the 2023 Halloween event, it is not known when Greavard will return next. Therefore, if you want to add this Pokemon to your Pokedex, there’s no time to lose!

Can Greavard Be Shiny?

No, Greavard cannot be shiny in Pokemon GO.

As Greavard only arrived in Pokemon GO on October 19, 2023, the shiny version has not yet been added.

Usually, Pokemon GO developer Niantic waits at least a year before adding the shiny versions of new Pokemon to the game. Therefore, we could see this golden shiny come to the game around Halloween 2024!

Normal and Shiny Greavard Pokemon GO
Greavard (left) and shiny Greavard (right)

How to Evolve Greavard into Houndstone in Pokemon GO

To evolve Greavard into Houndstone in Pokemon GO, you need 50 Greavard Candy. Fortunately, this is all you need to evolve it, as there are no additional requirements for this evolution.

However, evolving Greavard is currently the only way to get Houndstone. This is because it does not spawn in the wild and is also not a Raid boss.

Houndstone in Pokemon GO
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