To catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO, you must send Postcards from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet and then use the Coin Bag.

Every Postcard you send lets you use the Coin Bag to get another encounter.

Additionally, Roaming Form Gimmighoul can be attracted to a PokeStop with a Golden Lure Module on it.

As this process can be a bit complicated to set up for the first time, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Collect some Postcards in Pokemon GO
    • This can be achieved by saving a postcard from a Gym or PokeStop you have visited, or by pressing the pin button on a Gift a friend has sent you
  2. Connect your Pokemon GO account to your Pokemon Scarlet & Violet if you haven’t already
    • A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required for this process
    • To link your accounts, you must go to the Nintendo Switch settings within Pokemon GO at the same time as the Poke Portal in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Go to your Pokemon GO Postcard Book
    • To do this, press your trainer icon and then the Postcard Book button below your trainer
  4. Choose a Postcard and then press the icon with the three lines in the bottom right of the screen
    • Select Send to Nintendo Switch
Send Postcard to Nintendo Switch Pokemon GO
  1. Sending a Postcard from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet will give you a Coin Bag to use in Pokemon GO
  2. Use the Coin Bag in your Items menu, and this will spawn a Gimmighoul on the map
    • The Coin Bag can only be used once per day, with the use resetting at midnight
Pokemon GO Coin Bag
  1. Finally, you can tap on the Roaming Form Gimmighoul on the Pokemon GO map and catch it just like you would any other Pokemon
    • Make sure to feed Pinap Berries to Gimmighoul to increase how much Candy you earn from catching it!

Now that you’ve caught Gimmighoul, you’ll probably want to evolve it into Gholdengo. However, that takes a whopping 999 Gimmighoul Coins.

Here’s every way to get Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon GO to speed up the process!

How to Catch Gimmighoul at a Golden PokeStop

You can only catch a Gimmighoul at a Golden PokeStop which has a Golden Lure Module on it. You can tap on the PokeStop to check whether it is lured or not.

If it has a Gold Lure on it, then stick around and wait to see if a Roaming Form Gimmighoul appears nearby!

If you want too catch additional Gimmighoul, you’ll need to know how to get Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO!

Catch Gimmighoul Pokemon GO
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