There is no guaranteed way to obtain shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, but thankfully there is a trick you can use to help you farm shinies more efficiently.

To see if a beast is shiny, aim your reticle at it, and it’ll bring up its species and gender. It’ll also display a small twinkling star next to the species if shiny.

Here is how to easily farm shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Find the Beast Den of the shiny beast you wish to capture on your map.
    • These appear as Paw Icons on the Hogwarts World Map.
  2. Cast Disillusionment. Slowly approach the Beast Den and hover over each beast. Look for a star sign next to the beast’s name. It’ll look like a plus sign (+).
    • If it has a plus sign, then it is a shiny beast.
Hogwarts Legacy Shiny Icon
The shiny icon is located to the right of the beast’s name.
  1. If there are no shinies in the Beast Den, capture as many beasts as possible to clear the den.
  2. Once it’s clear, leave the den so it is out of sight and reset the time of day from your map.
  3. Manually save your game, and load up that save to reset the Beast Den and spawn new beasts.
  4. Load up your save game and repeat this process until a shiny beast appears in your game.

Once you’ve obtained a few shiny beasts, it is possible to breed your own shiny offspring in Hogwarts Legacy by using an adult shiny in the process.

Although, you will not receive any extra money from selling your shiny beast. So if you’re hoping to make some quick cash, you’ll need to use one of the other popular money-making methods.

Also, if you hope to use your shiny beast as a mount, you’ll be saddened to know that’s impossible. All of the mounts in Hogwarts Legacy are predetermined.

This means the only beasts you can mount are the ones you unlock throughout the story.

All Shiny Beast Colors & Where to Find Them

There are 12 shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy that players can capture and add to their Vivarium. Each of these shiny beasts has four variations: Adult Male, Adult Female, Child Male, and Child Female.

Here are all 12 beasts that you’ll find in Hogwarts Legacy and their shiny colors:

  • Diricrawl – White/Albino
  • Graphorn – Albino
  • Hippogriff – Charcoal/Grey
  • Thestral – Silver
  • Unicorn – Gold
  • Mooncalf – White w/ Purple Hair
  • Niffler – Platinum
  • Kneazle – Golden Brown
    • Offspring – Yellow
  • Giant Purple Toad – Albino
    • Offspring – Plum
  • Jobberknoll – White w/ Black & Grey Feathers
  • Puffskein – White/Gold
  • Fwooper – White
  • Diricrawl – White

Unfortunately, the only beast with no shiny counterpart is the Phoenix. Interestingly, it is also the only beast players can’t breed.

If you’re interested in seeing what each shiny beast looks like in-game, then take a look at this video by Sam Pham & Gooshy & Dutchy: