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How to Catch Dondozo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Finding a good Water-type Pokemon to add to your team is a bit of a challenge with so many options to choose from, but for some of the tankiest stats around Dondozo is an excellent choice.

Found in later game areas in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it doesn’t take long to run across this behemoth in its habitat.

Regardless of when you first lay your eyes on this beast, it is solid Pokemon that can carry your team through the toughest battles Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has to throw at you.

Where to Catch Dondozo

You can only catch Dondozo in Casseroya Lake, anywhere in the water at the northwest side of Paldea.

As a Water-type catfish, it only makes sense that Dondozo does not spawn or appear on land and instead swims on the lake’s surface.

It is not an uncommon Pokemon to find in the lake, and given its size, it’s easy to spot in the still lake waters.

But in order to reach Dondozo, Miraidon or Koraidon needs the swim ability earned from defeating the Open Sky Titan in West Province Area One.

How to Catch Dondozo

To catch Dondozo, lower its health into the red and preferably use an Electric or Grass-type Status move, which includes paralysis or sleep. Then use a Dive, Net, or Ultra Ball to catch it.

Your Pokemon should be close to level 50, with four to five gym badges under your belt to make the process easier.

Tips For Catching Dondozo

  • Have four to five gym badges to make sure Dondozo will obey your orders.
  • Try to use a level 45 or higher Grass or Electric-type Pokemon.
  • Lower its health to the red and use a status move that causes paralysis or sleep (any negative status effect is fine).
  • Use a Dive Ball, Net Ball, or Ultra Ball.
    • Dive Balls have improved catch rates for Pokemon in or on water, while Ultra Balls are more effective at catching Pokemon in general than normal Poke Balls or Great Balls.
    • Net Balls are more effective at catching Water and Bug-type Pokemon
  • Or use a Quick Ball immediately in battle.
    • Quick Balls are most effective if used as your first move.

If Dondozo is still not staying the ball after many attempts, use a Timer Ball if you have one. This Poke Ball is more effective the more turns pass in a battle.

All Poke Balls are available to purchase at Poke Marts or Delibird Presents stores. Check out our guide on the locations of all Delibird Presents Stores.

Poke Ball Unlock Requirements

  • Net Balls unlock at Poke Marts after catching 70 Pokemon.
  • Dive and Ultra Balls unlock at Poke Marts after five Gym Badges.
  • Quick Balls unlock at Poke Marts after six Gym Badges.
  • Timer Balls unlock at Poke Marts after eight Gym Badges.

Dondozo’s Stats, Signature Abilities, and Moves

Though Dondozo is quite slow, its high base stats in Defense and HP mean that it can even survive Super Effective moves from Pokemon of a similar level.

Its high Attack is also no slouch either. But with its signature move, Order Up, it can also deal Dragon-type damage.

Dondozo-Terastralizing against the elite four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Sp. Atk65
Sp. Def65
Base Stats

What are Dondozo’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

As a Water-type Pokemon, Dondozo receives double damage from Grass and Electric-type moves but halved damage from Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice-type moves.

Dondozo can also deal double damage to Fire, Rock, and Ground-type Pokemon using some powerful Water moves.

To turn your Dondozo into an unstoppable beast, take a look at our guides on how to Hyper Train your Pokemon and how to EV train your Pokemon.

Or, if you want to catch a golden Shiny Dondozo, follow our guides on how to boost your Shiny odds or how to utilize the Shiny farming exploit.

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