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How to Buy an Xbox Series X|S From Microsoft Store

If you’re looking for an Xbox Series X/S, there are few better places to find it than the Microsoft Store.

We’re a year into the lifespan of the Xbox Series X/S and the next-gen console is still near-impossible to find in your local store.

However, when it comes to restocks, Microsoft has been one of the most consistent Xbox droppers since launch day. And if you know the tricks of the trade, checking out won’t be such a hassle!

In case you missed the news, the Xbox Series X shortage will continue long into 2022.

Xbox Series X Microsoft Store

And with these incredibly anticipated Xbox Series X/S games dropping soon, you need to get a next-gen console before it’s too late.

Xbox Series X/S Microsoft Store Restock Tips

If you want to buy an Xbox Series X/S from the Microsoft Store, here are our best restock tips to help you secure the drop.

Make a Microsoft Account Early

While you can check out as a guest on the Microsoft Store, it pays not to. After all, having an account signed in and ready will save you entering details while consoles are flying off the online shelves.

Ensure your delivery address and payment details are up to date to snap up new consoles in a hurry.

Keep the Console in Your Cart

Even if you miss out on an Xbox Series X/S drop, and you can’t checkout, keep the console in your cart! Don’t try and spam checkout, instead wait for the next drop to go live.

The moment you hear that another Microsoft wave is up, head straight to your cart and checkout easily. We’ve seen customers have smooth purchases during busy drops simply by already having the Xbox in their cart.

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Xbox Series X S

Clear Cache or Use Incognito

If you’re having trouble with Microsoft telling you that you’ve already exceeded your limit of Xbox Series X purchases, don’t give up. By clearing your browser cache or using incognito mode, you should be able to check out.

Sometimes this isn’t necessary and you can just keep refreshing to try again. However, reports indicate that clearing your cache should get the store to recognize that you haven’t made your purchase yet.

Be Patient

Microsoft is one of those stores where stock tends to release in waves. However, the Microsoft Store doesn’t make this too clear, it has to be said.

If you see Out of Stock, don’t leave the page. Instead, just keep refreshing until the Checkout button becomes available again.

In the past, we’ve had consoles go live far later than the initial drop – perhaps due to some orders getting canceled or more stock getting added.

Get an Invite

Follow the guide below to increase your chances on getting a personalised invite to purchase one.

GUIDE: How to Get Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Invite Email

Xbox Series S

Be Wary of Fake Drops

Lately, Microsoft has been having some issues on its backend that make it seem like the Xbox Series X or Halo Infinite Xbox Series X is going live. However, from what we can tell, the publisher’s store is simply having a hiccup.

If you get an alert from a stock tracker that the Series X is available at the Microsoft Store, it doesn’t always mean they’re live. Check out the page for yourself and see if the console will actually add to your cart.

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Our Xbox stock tracker knows to avoid fake drops, so it should steer you in the right direction too.

After following the tips above, you should have no issue securing the Xbox Series X/S from the Microsoft Store. Here’s a link to the official product pages:

Here’s how to get an Xbox Series X/S at other retailers:



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