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How To Buy A New White Switch OLED Dock With Ethernet Port

Find out how to buy the new Switch OLED Dock when it goes on sale separately.

A new version of the Switch with an OLED screen will finally be on store shelves soon, but it isn’t exactly what players wanted. With just a few small upgrades, this feels like very much the standard Switch.

However, the dock is one of the reasons why players are after this console. This is thanks to the handy ethernet port which will make online gaming so much smoother.

Luckily for all you online gamers who want to get a more stable internet connection without forking out the full $350, the Switch OLED dock will be sold separately. Although, you need to know the right place to get one.

However, before you check how to buy just the dock, find out all of the Switch OLED technical specs. The OLED model’s upgrades might win you over.

Nintendo Switch OLED Dock White

Where To Buy A Switch Pro OLED Dock

Nintendo has already announced how to pre-order the new Switch OLED, but now the company has also confirmed that Switch fans will be able to buy the new dock from the OLED model separately.

Nintendo spoke to Digital Trends and said:

“The white dock and black dock will be sold separately (no HDMI cable, no AC adaptor, not in a package) on the Nintendo online store. It will not be sold at retail,”


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Therefore, whether you want a white or black Switch dock with an ethernet port, the Nintendo store is the place. You will also be able to use this dock with your original Switch console which is great for people who want a more stable internet connection for games like the upcoming Splatoon 3.

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Unfortunately, Nintendo has not given a price for the dock yet, but players can expect it to be around $60. The current Switch dock costs that much on the Nintendo website but comes with no cables.

The new dock will also arrive at the same time as the console, so keep an eye out in October if you’re after one. With Nintendo fans calling the Switch OLED “useless” expect lots of gamers to be going after just the dock.

Nintendo Switch OLED model Announcement Trailer

Meanwhile, Nintendo has revealed the huge subscriber count for the Switch Online service. Plus, there are online improvements on the way too.

Finally, check out the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. Although Nintendo is hiding the game’s real name because it contains a huge spoiler.

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