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How to Buy a Switch OLED or N64 Controller From Nintendo Store

If you’re after a Nintendo Switch OLED or N64 Controller from the Nintendo Store, here’s a buyer’s guide to help you out!

Recently, Nintendo has been rather convincing when it comes to getting fans to shell out some extra cast. Not only is there a brand-new Nintendo Switch on the market but the company is also targeting fans of classic consoles.

In its recent Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, the Japanese publisher is allowing users to play N64 and Genesis titles.

And although the Switch Online Expansion pricing is infuriating fans, we’re certain many are willing to shell out the cash.

Nintendo Switch OLED

After all, it also comes with the brand-new Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC included!

Switch OLED and N64 Controller Nintendo Store Restock Tips

The Nintendo Store is one of the best places to buy a Switch OLED, and here are some tips to help you nab the console.

Create a Nintendo Account Early

While this seems like some obvious advice, it never hurts to review the basics. Make sure you not only have a Nintendo account but that it’s also signed in and ready.

On top of that, double-check that your payment details and delivery address are up to date before any drops go live.

Use Wish List

If you’re having trouble adding the Nintendo Switch OLED or N64 controller to your cart, there’s another method that’s worth a shot. Try adding the item to your Wish List and then heading to your personal Wish List page through Orders & Lists.

Reports indicate that this could be an easier way to get your product in the cart while others are still struggling with the store.

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Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64

In-Store Nintendo Switch OLED Restocks

Although this tip doesn’t relate directly to the Nintendo Store, it’s worth noting that not all Switch OLED orders need to be placed online.

In fact, we’re seeing a lot of retailers stocking Switch OLED consoles in-store, meaning you don’t have to deal with scalpers. Simply heading to a retailer first thing in the morning is the best way to check if a new restock is available to purchase.

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Be Early to Restocks

Although Nintendo announced when the first Switch OLED orders were live, the publisher has been quiet ever since. But with the Nintendo Store restocking the OLED and N64 controller on a semi-regular basis, it’s important to get there first.

Accounts like this Nintendo Switch stock tracker will make certain that you get to future drops in time to checkout. And that can make all the difference.

Now that you know how to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED and N64 controller from the Nintendo Store, here’s are the links to the official product pages:

Here’s how to get a Nintendo Switch OLED at other retailers:



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