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How to Buy a PS5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED From Walmart

If you’re looking for a PS5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED, Walmart is one of your best bets!

As one of the biggest retailers in the US, it’s no surprise to learn that Walmart sells a lot of consoles. In fact, Walmart is probably the most frequent restocker of the PS5 and Xbox Series X out of all the major retailers.

That means that you’ll likely find Walmart to be the easiest place to get a PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED, or Xbox Series X. But there are a few things you should know first.

For a start, Walmart’s shipping times are no joke. We’ve seen some buyers waiting for months to receive their next-gen consoles, even after purchasing.


And the reason for this appears to be that Walmart sells consoles it doesn’t have yet.

On top of that, there are even reports that Walmart is hoarding PS5 consoles despite some orders still being unfulfilled.

Switch OLED, Xbox Series X & PS5 Walmart Restock Tips

Here is everything you need to know when buying an Xbox Series X, PS5, or Nintendo Switch OLED from Walmart!

Create a Walmart Account Early

First, and most obviously, ensure that you have a Walmart account signed in and ready to go when the retailer goes live. This means making sure that your Payment and Delivery Address are also ready for an easy purchase.

If you get both the Walmart app and a browser signed in early, you stand the best possible chance at getting a PS5, Xbox, or Switch OLED next time they drop.

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Walmart App vs Browser

When it comes to Walmart’s app, customers report that it’s often easier to check out using your PC than the app. However, it never hurts to have both on the go at once, and some users report different wait times on the same account so it’s well worth using both methods.

After all, if you’re able to get a PS5, Xbox, or OLED in your cart using one method, you’re often then able to checkout on the other.

Unfortunately, it seems that either way, you’ll be dealing with Walmart’s awful Press & Hold button!

Xbox Series X & PS5

Walmart+ Membership

Recently, a number of retailers have been locking next-gen consoles behind membership paywalls. And Walmart also appears to be moving in that direction. The retailer began its early access PS5 restocks for Walmart Plus members on October 28.

Walmart+ members now get exclusive access to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch OLED drops from time to time. And while not every drop is exclusive to members, a fair few certainly are.

Sign up for a 1-month Walmart+ membership to be in with a good shot at at least one exclusive drop. However, a free trial will not allow you access to next-gen console restocks.

Restocks Come in Waves

If you’re present for an Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch OLED, or even PS5 drop that appears to sell out, be patient! Walmart’s restocks tend to drop in waves every 10 minutes or so, and a lot of buyers give up at the first ‘Out of Stock’.

With that in mind, you stand a far better chance of copping a console if you hang around and refresh regularly. You might not even have to wait the full 10 minutes before the next wave goes live!

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Keep Consoles in Your Cart

If you finally manage to add a PS5, Xbox, or Switch to your cart but Walmart is declaring the product is out of stock, do nothing.

Restock tracker Jake Randall reports that if you wait until the next Walmart wave is going live and then checkout when it’s available, you’ll easily secure the win.

Get the Best Walmart Queue Time

Walmart now has a queue system to help demand for next-gen restocks. The way to get the best time possible is to be ready when a drop is set to go live.

We’ll be reporting on all the latest Walmart restocks as and when they’re expected. 30 seconds before the restock is set to begin, begin refreshing the PS5, Xbox, or OLED page steadily.

The moment you’re given a wait time, leave the page alone and wait for your console to become available. This tip is also brought to you by none other than Jake Randall himself.

You can even get extra places in the queue by having multiple Walmart accounts on different browsers and devices. Of course, you probably don’t want to buy Walmart+ for each membership.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Expect a Wait for Delivery

Unfortunately, there’s no telling just how long your Walmart delivery will take once you secure the console. With that in mind, expect a long wait for a PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch delivery from the retailer.

In the past, we’ve seen gamers have to wait for up to 2 months for Walmart to finally dispatch their console. However, you may well get lucky and have much less waiting time.

Get Nintendo Switch OLED Drops In-Store

Although Walmart doesn’t sell PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles in-store yet, the same can’t be said for the Nintendo Switch OLED. Fans are reporting that you can walk in and buy a Switch OLED at Walmart; you just have to get lucky with your timing.

For best results, head to Walmart first thing in the morning every day until the new Switch upgrade gets a restock. It shouldn’t even take a week before you walk away with the beautiful new console.

Hopefully, after reading the tips above, you’re more prepared for the next Walmart PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED, or Xbox Series X restock. Use the product pages below next time a drop goes live:

Here’s how to get a Nintendo Switch OLED, Xbox Series X, and PS5 at other retailers:

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Dwayne O Blandon

Sunday 19th of December 2021

I order a PlayStation 5 and it was stolen from their shipping partners FedEx that's why some people probably been waiting for months

Chris Hilliard

Friday 10th of December 2021

So sorry we have to play these games! Harder for grandparents that want to purchase for grandchildren. Maybe AARP can do something about it.


Monday 29th of November 2021

When I am in the walMart+ app where I always shop nearly everything. How will I know if I actress anke to secure the console? I get every confused with that stuff

Saturday 13th of November 2021

I have one pending it's marked as processing contacted Walmart they can not update me WTH this is a gift for my grandson I've been trying for a year to get


Friday 5th of November 2021

Kept getting unable to add to cart every time and persisted until I kept getting hit with unable to add to cart or press and hold button. So didn't get one. I shall try again next time but hope that walmart stops having these technical issues. It's been the third time this has happened.