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How to Buy a PS5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED From Target

If you’re looking for a PS5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED, Target might soon be one of your favorite retailers!

Although we’re a year into the lifespan of the next-gen consoles, it’s still incredibly difficult to track down the PS5 and Xbox Series X. On top of that, now the Nintendo Switch OLED is in the mix, with Nintendo fans craving the visual upgrade in the new hardware.

Thankfully, Target is one of the easiest places to get a PS5 and Nintendo Switch OLED! And it’s definitely the best place to get an Xbox Series X.

For a start, Target customers can buy Xbox consoles in-store now! Microsoft’s device will no longer drop in nationwide restocks, instead simply arriving in local stores on a regular basis.

Xbox Series X & PS5

And that’s not all, as Nintendo Switch OLED units are in-store at Target too!

Switch OLED, Xbox Series X & PS5 Target Restock Tips

Here are all the tips that will help you secure a Nintendo Switch OLED, Xbox Series X, PS5, or any other limited device from Target!

Create a Target Account Early

It might seem a little obvious but creating a Target account early and saving your address and payment details is the best way to buy a PS5 or Nintendo Switch OLED with ease.

It’s particularly important to set up Apple Pay (if possible) and PayPal on your profile too. However, using PayPal to buy a next-gen console isn’t always a good idea

Target App vs Browser

If you’re wondering whether using the Target app or browser leads to the easiest way to purchase a Nintendo Switch OLED or PS5 console, it’s relatively unclear.

Both browsers and the Target app have good and bad days when it comes to restocks. What you should be doing is signing in on both methods and seeing which one gets you the console.

Often, you appear to be able to add the PS5 to cart on your phone and then checkout in your browser (or vice versa).

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Switch OLED

Change Your Home Store

Since Target only ever drops for in-store pick up these days, it’s important to check out more than just your local store when restocks arrive. Even if you see ‘Out of Stock,’ clicking Edit Store will show you all other locations in your nearby vicinity.

Simply select a location that still has stock, and you’ll be able to checkout! If this method doesn’t let you finish the transaction for whatever reason, Target expert Jake Randall recommends clearing your browser cache/cookies and trying again.

Wait for the Next Wave

Just missed the latest PS5 restock at Target? Don’t worry!

The major retailer tends to drop stock in waves dependent on console. With the PS5, for example, Target drops Disc PS5 consoles and then 5-10 minutes later goes live with the Digital Editions.

This used to be the case for the Xbox Series X and S too before Target moved to in-store drops.

What’s more, Target will add more inventory soon after it goes live, meaning that those who are patient will be most likely to nab the PS5 or Nintendo Switch OLED. Even if you don’t see stock right now, keep refreshing and keep trying!

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Nintendo Switch OLED and Xbox Series X/S Tips

The absolute easiest way to get a Nintendo Switch OLED and Xbox Series X/S is by heading to Target first thing in the morning. Go to your local store in person, and at some point during the week, the retailer will have an OLED or Xbox restock.

This method is far easier than fighting scalpers online, even if it does mean a few pointless trips to the store.

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Now that you know how to get a PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch OLED from Target, all you need are the links to the product pages:

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Malone R

Sunday 23rd of January 2022

"After all, you can still walk in and buy an Xbox Series X at Target in-store!"

Lol, this has NEVER been the case...