A method to buy Infinite Digipicks in Starfield will ensure you’re never caught without one again!

No matter how many Digipicks you have in Starfield, you always seem to run out exactly when you need to unlock a door or terminal. And with vendors only selling a handful of picks at a time, it is difficult to really stock up on them.

Fortunately, there’s a way around this, letting you buy an infinite amount of Digipicks whenever you want!

How to Buy Infinite Digipicks in Starfield

To buy an infinite amount of Digipicks in Starfield, you need to go to a vendor, purchase all of the Digipicks they have, and sit down on a nearby chair.

Then, wait 24 hours in-game, and the vendor’s stock of Digipicks will have replenished, allowing you to buy more. Repeat this to get as many Digipicks as you want!

  1. Find a vendor who sells Digipicks
    • Jemison Mercantile is a great place for this as it is the first shop you’ll walk past in New Atlantis
      • It is located up the stairs and on the left from where your ship is in New Atlantis
Jemison Mercantile Starfield
  1. Buy all of the Digipicks the vendor sells
    • They cost 35 credits but will be cheaper if you have the Commerce skill
Buy Digipicks Starfield
  1. Sit down at a nearby chair using A (Xbox) or E (PC)
    • Outside of Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, there are plenty of chairs underneath a tree.
Buy Digipicks Starfield
  1. Wait 24 local hours and the shop will restock all items
    • The Wait button is Y (Xbox) or B (PC)
Waiting 24 Hours Starfield
  1. Head back into the shop and purchase more Digipicks
  2. Repeat this process by waiting for the store to replenish stock and you can buy an infinite amount of Digipicks
    • As long as you have the money, you can buy as many Digipicks as you need using this method!
This trick will work with any vendor that sells Digipicks in Starfield as all vendors refresh their stock every 24 in-game hours. All you need to do is find somewhere to sit down and wait!

While it may take a little while to get loads of them, this Starfield infinite Digipick trick will let you buy as many as you need, ensuring that you never run out of picks again!

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