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How to Breed Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

Maybe best described as below the tip of the iceberg, from the popular meme template, breeding is a non-essential but well-loved Pokémon mechanic.

Breeding Pokémon, however, is essential for Shiny hunters and those really out there to catch them all.

After an absence in Legends: Arceus and Let’s Go Eevee and Pickachu, breeding is back! But this time around in Scarlet & Violet, gone are the days of slogging back and forth between Pokémon Nursey and whatever else you need to do in the region.

How Do You Breed Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet?

Have a picnic outside of towns or cities, and at least one female and male Pokémon of the same egg type or a Ditto in your party.

If you have two Pokémon of the same Egg Type, two grass types, for instance, they can produce eggs. Then you must wait and check the basket next to the picnic table for eggs.

Picnicking at night with Pokemon
  • Have at least one female and male Pokémon of the same egg type or Ditto in your party.
  • Find a flat spot outside of towns or cities.
  • Open your menu with ‘X’ and select “Picnic.”
  • Wait, interact with Pokémon, or make sandwiches.
  • Check the basket at the end of the table.
  • Select the eggs one by one and select “Yes” to keep the Pokémon eggs (they are sent to your boxes).
  • Put the egg in your party by taking it out of the boxes and swapping it in.
  • Run around until it hatches.

The Pokémon eggs you get will always be the same as the female Pokémon that were bred to create them. The only exception is with Ditto, where the egg is the same as the other Pokémon that bred with it.

There are certain Pokémon that have a Gender Unknown egg type, like a Magnemite, and can only breed if you have a Ditto. But Ditto cannot breed with other Ditto. The No Eggs Discovered Egg Type cannot breed at all.

Pokémon Breeding Tips in Scarlet & Violet

To increase your chances of breeding Pokémon, there are four things to keep in mind.

Consumables with the Egg Power bonus can increase the eggs your Pokémon produce. If there are specific Pokémon you want to breed, take every other Pokémon out of the party before the Picnic.

Try to capture a Ditto to use for breeding, as they can breed across Egg Types and gender. To catch one, follow our guide on where to catch Ditto.

Professor Jacq Intro

Lastly, in past games, trading Pokémon with another player can increase the likelihood of the traded Pokémon producing an egg.

  • Use consumables with the Egg Power.
  • Have only two Pokémon in your party.
  • Capture and use a Ditto for breeding.
  • Try trading with other players.

Also, unless you want to wait around and find something else to do, try going up to Pokémon to wash them for Exp. and friendship levels. Or consider making a sandwich or playing with the soccer ball.

Can Items Increase Eggs in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Yes, consuming items with the Egg Power can increase the likelihood of two Pokémon producing an egg in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Depending on the recipe or item, Egg Power can only go as high as level 2 for sandwiches and other food items.

Eating a Sandwich Mystically

So, creating a dish like the Great Marmalade Sandwich will net you a greater chance of an egg than a level 1 Egg Power sandwich.

Can You Breed with Ditto in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Yes, you can breed Ditto with any Pokémon, regardless of egg type or gender, except those in the No Egg Discovered egg type.

Ditto’s also, though almost universally breedable, cannot breed with other Dittos; however, they can breed with Gender unknown Egg Types. In fact, they are the only that can.

Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you are Shiny hunting or looking to really get into the breeding mechanic, you should find and catch a Ditto, as they are immensely helpful. With Ditto, you don’t even need to worry about matching Egg Types or even having a female version of the Pokémon.

To catch one, follow our guide on where to catch Ditto.

Can You Breed Pokémon Using the Masuda Method?

Yes, You can utilize the Masuda method to increase the likelihood of Shiny Pokémon hatching in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

First developed in Generation 4 by Junichi Masuda, the method involves breeding two Pokémon from different language copies of the game to increase the chance of a Shiny Pokémon.

two Poke balls passing each other in the sky in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Shiny Pokémon are color variants of Pokémon and can only be found in the wild, in Mass Outbreaks, in Terra Raid Battles, or by breeding.

The Masuda Method increases the chance of Shiny Pokémon from one in 4096 to six in 4096. This can be stacked with Egg Power bonuses from sandwiches and the shiny charm.

Follow our guide to get the Shiny charm and learn how to get Shiny starter Pokémon. Or, if want to try out the Masuda method yourself, go to our trading guide.

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