There’s an easy way to boost your shiny rate in The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, ensuring that you find some shiny Pokemon!

If you’re a shiny hunter, you’ll want to know everything you can possibly do to increase your odds of finding one.

Thankfully, The Indigo Disk makes the hunt just a little easier, even for players who don’t have the Shiny Charm.

How to Boost Shiny Odds in The Indigo Disk

An easy way to increase your shiny odds in The Indigo Disk DLC is to buy the Academy Special at the Blueberry Academy Cafeteria in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Blueberry Academy Cafeteria in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

This special meal will give you Sparkling Power Level 1, significantly increasing your shiny rate for 30 minutes.

The standard shiny rate for wild Pokemon or egg hatches is 1 in 4096, meaning that you’ve got a tiny chance of encountering a special variant.

Academy Special in Pokemon The Indigo Disk

But with Sparkling Power Level 1, that chance has already doubled to 1 in 2048!

And for those who have the Shiny Charm, combining that with the Academy Special will give you a general shiny rate of 1 in 1024!

How to Get Shiny Charm

If you haven’t already received it, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can obtain the Shiny Charm by catching all 400 Pokemon in the Paldea Pokedex and talking to Professor Jacq in the Naranja/Uva Academy Biology room.

Shiny Charm Pokemon Scarlet Violet

This Charm is a huge help when it comes to shiny hunting, and combining it with the Sparkling Power trick above will have you finding interesting variants in no time!

There are two more shiny methods for Pokemon shiny hunters to be aware of:

  • Masuda Method – Hatch an egg from two Pokemon from different regions of the real world
    • An egg from two Pokemon who originated in different areas of the planet raises shiny odds to 1/682, or 1/512 with the Shiny Charm.
    • Unaffected by Sparkling Power
  • Mass Outbreak – Discover a Mass Outbreak for the Pokemon you’re shiny hunting.
    • Defeating 60 Mass Outbreak Pokemon will raise odds of finding a shiny to 1/1365 or 1/819 with a Shiny Charm
    • Further boosted by Sparkling Power

Those who want to shiny hunt the returning starter Pokemon in The Indigo Disk can make use of all three methods!

However, all 25 Legendary Pokemon that players can catch are shiny-locked, meaning they cannot be shiny, no matter how many times you re-load.

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