Gryla is one of the biggest boss fights in God of War Ragnarok, but how do you beat Atreus’ gigantic opponent?

Your trip to Jotunheim sure is an eventful one, and it culminates in one huge boss fight. Here’s everything you need to know to take down Gryla, despite her size.

How to Beat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok

To defeat Gryla, Atreus needs to shoot the glowing purple rune on the front of her cauldron. Avoid her attacks by running around the giant’s room, then attack the rune as soon as it’s uncovered.

Lure Gryla over to the candles on either side of the room, then use Square to ask Angrboda to use them to stun the boss.

How to Damage Gryla

Gryla’s entire boss fight all revolves around destroying her cauldron. Attacking the boss herself will prove ineffectual, as will hitting the cauldron anywhere but its glowing rune.

When Gryla is covering the rune, or she turns her back to Atreus to protect it, make her chase you over to where the candles are and get Angrboda to light them (Square), stunning the boss.

How to Stun Gryla With Candles in God of War Ragnarok

Finally, when Gryla is staggered and the cauldron is on the floor, hit it hard with a series of melee attacks to deal huge damage.

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Best Strategy to Defeat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok

The best way to beat Gryla easily is to keep dodging her attacks while running between the countertop’s candles. Only attack her cauldron by shooting the glowing rune when she uncovers it.

If Gryla is blocking your fire, use Square to ask Angrboda to shoot a candle and stun the boss, allowing you to get a free shot.

When Gryla tries to stomp on Atreus, simply use X to dodge all incoming attacks before running away. Sometimes the boss will throw a series of blobs toward you from her cauldron.

Gryla Purple Projectiles God of War Ragnarok

Fast projectiles require dodging, but slow-moving purple blobs can either be dodged or shot out of the air with an arrow.

When the floor turns red, a huge attack is incoming. Run over to the stone countertops and grapple up to safety with Circle.

Gryla Red Floor Attack God of War Ragnarok

Similarly, if the countertops glow red, it’s time to drop back down to the floor!

Finally, when the boss collapses for the last time, run over to her cauldron and mash Circle when prompted for a chance to destroy it for good.

How to Break Gryla's Cauldron

Tips for Beating Gryla

  • Always stay on the move, kiting Gryla between the two candles on the stone counters.
  • Don’t waste time firing unless it’s at the cauldron rune (or incoming projectiles). You won’t be able to harm this giant woman (and Angrboda wouldn’t want you to anyway!)
  • Make heavy use of Angrboda’s candle stun trick to keep the rune uncovered.
  • Need some space? Grapple onto the countertops and then you can use a red grapple point to swing between both surfaces on opposite sides of the room.
  • Finally, when a stunned Gryla drops her cauldron, run up to it and hit it with R1/R2 to dish out major damage.

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A defeated Gryla in God of War Ragnarok

Who Is Gryla in God of War Ragnarok?

Gryla is the grandmother of Angrboda, and one of the last living giants of Jotunheim. In Atreus’ trip to Ironwood, we learn that the enormous woman has recently taken to stealing the souls of animals in order to help them have a more peaceful existence.

However, Angrboda says that the enormous woman wasn’t always like this, and has recently changed to become increasingly cold and hostile.

Interestingly, in general Icelandic mythology, Gryla is often associated with Christmas, known for her ability to smell disobedient children for miles.

She is known for making a stew from naughty children after leaving her cave to hunt for them around Christmastime. It’s definitely quite the difference from her appearance in God of War Ragnarok!

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