Here’s how you can beat the Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni, during October 2022 in Pokemon GO! It’ll be tough but you’ll need to defeat him to get Shadow Latios!

The villainous Team GO Rocket are always up to mischief in Pokemon GO and, to make matters even worse, their boss Giovanni has a brand-new Shadow Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Pokestop

Once you have found Giovanni, you’ll need to know how to defeat him if you want to complete the new Field Notes: Team GO Rocket Research and catch Shadow Latios.

Here are the best counters for every Pokemon that Giovanni can use in Pokemon GO right now!

Although if you haven’t found Giovanni yet, you’ll need to defeat the Team GO Rocket Leaders and get a Super Rocket Radar! Here’s how to beat them:

How to Beat Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni in Pokemon GO & Best Counters

Giovanni Pokemon 1: Persian & Best Counters

Pokemon GO Persian

The first Pokemon that Giovanni always has is Persian. It is a Normal-type Pokemon so it is weak against Fighting-types. Here’s the Pokemon and their moves that you’ll want to use to counter it:

  • Lucario
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Aura Sphere (Charged Move)
  • Machamp
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Dynamic Punch (Charged Move)
  • Conkeldurr
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Focus Blast (Charged Move)
  • Hariyama
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Focus Blast (Charged Move)

Giovanni Pokemon 2: Nidoking, Rhyperior, or Machamp & Best Counters

Next, Giovanni will use either Nidoking, Rhyperior, or Machamp. Here are the best counters for each of them.

Pokemon GO Nidoking

Nidoking Counters:

  • Glaceon
    • Ice Shard (Fast Move)
    • Avalanche (Charged Move)
  • Galarian Darmanitan
    • Ice Fang (Fast Move)
    • Avalance (Charged Move)
  • Mewtwo
    • Psycho Cut (Fast Move)
    • Psychic (Charged Move)
  • Kyogre
    • Waterfall (Fast Move)
    • Surf (Charged Move)
Pokemon GO Rhyperior

Rhyperior Counters:

  • Torterra
    • Razor Leaf (Fast Move)
    • Frenzy Plant (Charged Move)
  • Swampert
    • Mud Shot (Fast Move)
    • Hydro Cannon (Charged Move)
  • Kyogre
    • Waterfall (Fast Move)
    • Surf (Charged Move)
  • Excadrill
    • Mud Shot (Fast Move)
    • Drill Run (Charged Move)
Pokemon GO Machamp

Machamp Counters:

  • Mewtwo
    • Psycho Cut (Fast Move)
    • Psychic (Charged Move)
  • Togekiss
    • Charm (Fast Move)
    • Dazzling Gleam (Charged Move)
  • Sylveon
    • Charm (Fast Move)
    • Moonblast (Charged Move)
  • Gardevoir
    • Charm (Fast Move)
    • Synchronoise (Charged Move)

Pokemon 3: Shadow Latios & Best Counters

Pokemon GO Latios

Finally, the last Pokemon that Giovanni will send out to battle is Shadow Latios. These are the best Pokemon to counter this Shadow Pokemon:

  • Scizor
    • Fury Cutter (Fast Move)
    • X-Scissor (Charged Move)
  • Dialga
    • Dragon Breath (Fast Move)
    • Draco Meteor (Charged Move)
  • Gengar
    • Shadow Claw (Fast Move)
    • Shadow Ball (Charged Move)
  • Garchomp
    • Dragon Tail (Fast Move)
    • Outrage (Charged Move)

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Good luck beating Giovanni in Pokemon GO and catching Shadow Latios. Using these counters, beating the boss should be a breeze!

And for players who can’t get enough of battling, make sure to check out the Season of GO Battle League schedule!

Finally, a huge datamine has revealed over 50 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO! Let’s hope they arrive in-game very soon.

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