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Elden Ring: How to Beat General Radahn – Boss Guide & Location

Every From Software game is famous for its hard and original bosses. Elden Ring is no different in that regard. Here is how to defeat one of them in General Radahn.

General Radahn is not the only difficult enemy in the game, because one of the earliest bosses is also the hardest. You might need some boss guide on how to defeat Margit the Fell Omen.

Players will encounter General Radahn in the region of Caelid. He can be found quite early, depending on how much you have explored.

However, before venturing into the wide and open world, be sure to prepare yourself. See what you can do at the start of the game, and where to go in Limgrave.

If you are still unsure if you are ready, make sure you have the best Ashes of War in Elden Ring to help you out.

Elden Ring General Radahn Screenshot
Screenshot of General Radahn Boss Battle

General Radahn Location Elden Ring

Starscourge Radahn is a huge boss located in Caelid. You need to go through a portal in Redmane Castle to reach this boss’ arena.

He is not optional and has to be defeated in order to progress the Legacy Dungeon.

Elden Ring General Radahn Location
Image via Fextralife

Best Strategy to Beat General Radahn

Phase 1

  • Summon NPCs to assist you in the fight. If an ally dies in the fight, the sign will respawn, allowing you to bring them back. They are less likely to help in Phase 2.
  • Some of the NPCs you can summon are Alexander the Warrior pot, Patches, Tregoth, Blaidd the half-wolf, and more. You might want to check out how to actually Summon NPCs.
  • At the beginning of the battle, Radahn will shoot you with a barrage of arrows from the distance. Dodge the attack, rush and summon your first set of NPCs.
  • After the General turns his attention to the summoned NPC, you can summon even more while he’s distracted.
  • You can also summon some multiplayer support from other players and then summon the NPCs. One thing of note is that you cannot use Spirit Summons in this boss fight.
  • The trade-off is that if you summon other players, you will lose access to Torrent.
  • Torrent allows you to move faster on the battlefield and revive fallen NPCs more quickly, so depending on your playstyle, choose the mobility of Torrent or help from the players.
  • Once you deplete half of the boss’ health, General Radahn will jump and disappear into the sky, falling down as a meteorite with a devastating blow. Dodge it at all costs.

Phase 2

  • The second phase is not so different from the first one. The main difference is some new magic attacks from the boss.
  • Dodge the purple orb attack that flies in your direction, but make sure to observe the hovering comets around the boss. He might shoot them at the NPCs, but they can also target you.
  • Runaway from the comets on foot or on Torrent, because they do massive damage, so just dodge them at all costs.
  • When Radahn turns his weapon purple, it means it is enchanted. It deals extra magic damage to the player.
  • Another attack to look out for is when the boss quickly jumps into the air. Your best bet is to run in either left or right at the maximum speed to dodge the blast after he falls.
  • The offensive tactic is pretty simple, repeat steps from Phase 1. Summon NPCs and fight attack the boss when he’s focused on others and make sure to back away, revive fallen allies and fight General Radahn until he falls!
  • When he is focused on the NPCs just attack the boss, and if he changes his aggro at you just make sure to dodge and review allies as soon as possible
  • Be glorious in your victory!

Remember, that if you even come up short in a fight against General Radahn, do not feel discouraged, because the fight is very difficult.

Once you have defeated General Radahn make sure to see how to face off against another boss in Godrick the Grafted.

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