To beat Arlo in Pokemon GO, you must use strong counters to defeat all three of the Shadow Pokemon he uses.

While the first Pokemon that Arlo uses will always be Shadow Aipom, the second and third Pokemon is a random choice of three possible options.

Pokemon GO How to Beat Arlo & Best Counters

Every Pokemon Arlo Can Use in Pokemon GO

Arlo always uses Shadow Aipom as his first Pokemon. Then, the second and third Pokemon he uses are randomly selected out of 3 possible Pokemon.

These are all of the Pokemon that Arlo can use:

Pokemon 1Pokemon 2Pokemon 3
Shadow Aipom
Aipom Pokemon GO
Shadow Alakazam
Pokemon Go Alakazam
Shadow Scizor
Scizor Pokemon GO
Shadow Sharpedo
Sharpedo Pokemon GO
Shadow Snorlax
Snorlax Pokemon GO
Shadow Mismagius
Mismagius Pokemon GO
Shadow Magnezone
Pokemon GO Magnezone
These are the Pokemon that Arlo can choose from after the most recent Team GO Rocket Takeover event on June 21, 2023.

Best Counters to Beat Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo

Shadow Aipom Counters

The best Pokemon to counter Arlo’s Shadow Aipom include Terrakion, Conkeldurr, and Lucario.

Shadow Aipom is only vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks, so you will definitely want to bring a strong Fighting-type Pokemon to battle Arlo.

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
TerrakionTerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword
LucarioPokemon GO LucarioCounterAura Sphere
ConkeldurrPokemon GO ConkeldurrCounterDynamic Punch

Shadow Alakazam Counters

Hydreigon, Giratina, and Chandelure are some of the best Pokemon to counter Arlo’s Shadow Alakazam.

Shadow Alakazam is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks.

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
HydreigonHydreigon Pokemon GOBiteBrutal Swing
Giratina (Origin Forme)Giratina Pokemon GO (Origin)Shadow ClawShadow Force
ChandelureChandelure Pokemon GOHexShadow Ball

Shadow Sharpedo Counters

The best Pokemon to counter Arlo’s Shadow Sharpedo include Kartana, Keldeo, and Terrakion, as these Pokemon exploit its weaknesses to Grass and Fighting.

Additionally, Shadow Sharpedo is also weak to Bug, Electric, and Fairy-type attacks.

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
KartanaKartana Pokemon GORazor LeafLeaf Blade
KeldeoKeldeo Pokemon GOLow KickSacred Sword
TerrakionTerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword

Shadow Mismagius Counters

The best counters for Arlo’s Shadow Mismagius are Hydreigon, Bisharp, and Guzzlord.

Shadow Mismagius has two weaknesses – Dark and Ghost.

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
HydreigonHydreigon Pokemon GODragon BreathBrutal Swing
BisharpBisharp Pokemon GOSnarlDark Pulse
GuzzlordGuzzlord Pokemon GOSnarlBrutal Swing

Shadow Snorlax Counters

The best counters for Shadow Snorlax in Pokemon GO are Buzzwole, Hariyama, and Machamp.

This is because Shadow Snorlax’s only weakness is Fighting-type attacks.

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
BuzzwoleBuzzwole Pokemon GOCounterSuperpower
HariyamaPokemon GO HariyamaCounterClose Combat
MachampPokemon GO MachampCounterCross Chop

Shadow Magnezone Counters

Arlo’s Shadow Magnezone is countered by Excadrill, Garchomp, and Groudon due to its double weakness to Ground.

Shadow Magnezone is also weak to Fighting and Fire-type attacks.

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
ExcadrillExcadrill Pokemon GOMud ShotDrill Run
GarchompGarchomp Pokemon GOMud ShotEarth Power
GroudonGroudon Pokemon GOMud ShotPrecipice Blades

Shadow Scizor Counters

You need to have strong Fire-type Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Entei, and Heatran to counter Arlo’s Shadow Scizor.

This is because Shadow Scizor is a Bug/Steel type Pokemon, and its only weakness is Fire. In fact, it is a double weakness!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Ho-OhHo-Oh Pokemon GOIncinerateSacred Fire
EnteiEntei Pokemon GOFire SpinFlame Charge
HeatranHeatran Pokemon GOFire SpinFlamethrower

Now that you know the best counters for Arlo’s Shadow Pokemon, find out how to defeat the other two Team GO Rocket Leaders:

How to Find Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokemon GO

To find Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokemon GO, you will need to use a Rocket Radar and then spin a Team Rocket PokeStop or tap on a Team Rocket Balloon.

Doing this could give you an encounter with any of the 3 Team GO Rocket Leaders – Arlo, Sierra, or Cliff.

  • Get a Rocket Radar.
    • You can do this by collecting 6 Mysterious Components after defeating 6 Team GO Rocket Grunts.
  • Use the Rocket Radar.
    • You will be prompted to use it when you have collected 6 Mysterious Components or can use it from your Item Bag.
  • Spin Team GO Rocket PokeStops or tap on Team GO Rocket Balloons – there is a chance Arlo will be there.
  • If Arlo isn’t there, back out and try another Team GO Rocket PokeStop or Ballon later – don’t use up your Rocket radar on a boss that you don’t want to fight!

Once you’ve defeated all of the Team Leaders, make sure to find out how to defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni and catch Shadow Regirock!

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Pokestop

What Pokemon Do You Get for Beating Arlo in Pokemon GO?

The Pokemon you get for beating Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokemon GO is Shadow Aipom.

Providing you defeat Arlo, once the battle is over, you will get the chance to catch Shadow Aipom, the first Pokemon Arlo used on his battle team.

The Pokemon you get for beating Arlo will change when the Shadow Pokemon he uses updates. For beating Team GO Rocket Leaders, you always get an encounter with the first Pokemon they use on their battle team.

Rewards for Beating Team Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokemon GO

For beating Team Rocket Leader Arlo, you will get an encounter with Shadow Aipom, 1000 Stardust, and two random reward items.

  • Shadow Aipom Encounter
  • 1000 Stardust
  • 2 out of the following possible rewards:
    • 4 Revives
    • 2 Max revives
    • 4 Hyper Potions
    • 2 Max Potions
    • Unova Stone
    • 12km Egg
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