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How to Barter in MW2 DMZ & Best Recipes

Barter and trade your way to extraction in DMZ.

MW2 Season 3 has introduced a new way to obtain items in DMZ by using a Barter trading system at the Buy Station.

Players strive to loot the best items in DMZ to extract with them to improve all of their future runs. But many of the items you’ll find are only useful for selling or if you have the right faction mission.

Thankfully, every item you pick can be useful with the new Barter trading system.

Where to Barter & Trade in MW2 DMZ

Players need to access a Buy Station and use the Barter system to exchange items for several valuables in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ. The Barter system will have different trading recipes that players can use to their advantage.

Barter Buy Station Warzone 2

Players can find a Buy Station by searching for the Shopping Cart Icon on their map. There is usually one in every POI, with the exception of Cemetery.

Buy Station Work Bench Location DMZ

The Barter system doesn’t involve any other players, but it basically trades certain valuables you find in-game for a utility, key, or backpack.

Players can even trade items for a Skeleton Key to open up all the locks in DMZ. There are a dozen of different item combinations for players to try.

Thankfully, players can trade valuables with each other as well. By trading with each other, they can have enough to Barter for a higher-value item.

Warzone 2 Barter Trade

Best Barter Recipes in DMZ

Here are some of the best Barter trading recipes in DMZ to help you keep in mind which valuables to keep in your inventory.

ItemBarter Trading RecipesItem Use
3-Plate Stealth VestElectrical Components x3 + Comic Book + Game ConsoleThe 3-Plate Stealth Vest comes built-in with the Ghost Perk. This allows players to stay off enemy radars.
3-Plate Medic VestBandage x3 + Liquor + WatchThe 3-Plate Medic Vest allows players to revive their squadmates faster as well as themselves when using a Self-Revive Kit.
3-Plate Comms VestHard Drive x2 + Battery x2 + Soothing Hand CreamThe 3-Plate Comms Vest is a signal booster and increases the duration of all UAV technology (UAV Towers, UAV Killstreak, Enemy Radios) and makes them function as an Advanced UAV. Players also get an audio cue when an enemy is near them.
Skeleton KeyGPUThe Skeleton Key is a highly useful tool that allows players to open all the DMZ lock locations in Ashika Island and every lock in Al Mazrah. Players can also use it wherever keycards are used in Building 21.
GPU Gold Bar x2 + Thumb Drive x5The GPU is an incredibly valuable item in DMZ that players can sell for $16,000. This is more than enough to change all your attachments using the Workbench. Players can also use the GPU to craft a Skeleton Key.
Secure BackpackElectric Drill + Gas Can + Gold SkullThe Secure Backpack allows players to keep any items placed into it between runs. This means they do not convert to XP once the player exfils. If the player is eliminated, instead of losing their items, they are transferred to the Active Duty Slot they were using.
Scavenger BackpackBattery + Canned Foods + Gun Cleaning OilThe Scavenger Backpack replaces the third weapon slot in Medium and Large Backpacks with additional item slots.
Revive PistolBandage + Soothing Hand CreamThe Revive Pistol allows players to revive their allies from a distance and self-revive when in danger.
Armor BoxElectrical Tape + Screwdriver + C4The Armor Box allows players to stock up on armor plates fully. This is helpful when you’ve just finished a gunfight or two.
Munitions BoxImported Tea + $500 The Munitions Box allows players to replenish the ammo for their current weapons completely.

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