Companions and crew members can be very beneficial to players, particularly when you assign them to one of your outposts in Starfield.

Gamers can use these crew members to their advantage. Crew with Outpost Management or Outpost Engineering will give you access to those skill trees without needing to spend your skill points.

If you do not know how to assign a companion or crew member to an outpost, look no further as we dive into how you can do it!

How Do You Assign Crew to Outposts in Starfield?

To assign crew to your Outposts in Starfield, you must build a “Crew Station” at the location. From here, you must enter the crew menu and select the person you wish to deploy.

  • Build a Crew Station at your Outpost.
  • Next, bring up the Starfield menu that showcases your player by pressing Menu on Xbox and ESC on PC.
  • Then, toggle to the bottom left option and select it to bring up your ship.
  • Press Y on Xbox and C on PC to view your available crew members.
  • Select the crew member and assign them to your Outpost.
Starfield Assign crew
Available Outposts will appear in this menu when you select the crew member.

How to Build Crew Station in Starfield

To build a crew station, you will need the following resources:

  • Nickel – 3
  • Aluminium – 5
  • Iron – 2

When you have these resources, you can place down a crew station. To find one, head back into the build menu and navigate to “Miscellaneous” to see the station. Once you set it down, you can deploy crew members at this Outpost.

Starfield outpost crew Station

What Crew Members Should I Assign to an Outpost in Starfield?

In Starfield, the best crew members to assign to an Outpost are those with the Outpost Engineering and Outpost Management skills.

At the moment, there are reports of players experiencing a bug that does not allow them to research with their crew members Outpost Management skill active.

Assigning members with these skills means you will not have to use your own points to unlock that skill tree.

Crew members can be found all across the universe and are mainly located in the major hub cities of the game. For example, you can discover Outpost Engineering Specialists and Management Specialists at the Red Mile on Porrima III in the Porrima system.

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