The map Vondel, as does Resurgence mode, enjoys immense popularity within the Warzone community. Nevertheless, the fusion of these two can sometimes be missing from the available playlists.

When the Vondel Resurgence mode is active, accessing the map and the Resurgence format is straightforward. Yet, even when a dedicated Vondel Resurgence playlist is unavailable, there exists a method to always play it.

Here is how you can always play Vondel Resurgence in cases where a sole playlist does not feature this map and mode.

How to Guarantee You Always Play Vondel Resurgence in Warzone

To always play Vondel Resurgence in Warzone, start your match search with approximately two and a half minutes remaining on the Rotation Resurgence timer, and Vondel is the current map.

After finishing and surviving near the end of the match, Vondel will either become the active map, or you’ll experience a considerable briefer wait for the timer to return to that location.

  1. Join the Rotation Resurgence queue when the timer shows around two and a half minutes remaining, and the current map is Vondel.
    • From our testing, we found that loading into a game of Resurgence took ≈ 1:40 minutes. However, load times could be quicker or longer depending on the console, internet speed, and players active on the game.
Warzone Rotation Resurgence timer
  1. Attempt to survive and win the match or make it to the final ten players.
    • Seeing as games of Resurgence take ≈ 15 minutes, by the time you finish the match, the playlist will have switched back to Vondel, or there are less than two minutes left on the Ashika Island timer.
  2. If Vondel is currently the active map, re-enter the game. Alternatively, if Ashika Island is the ongoing Resurgence map and there’s still time remaining, hold off until the timer approaches approximately one minute remaining.
    • Due to search times, the map will have already switched by the time you load into a game.

It is worth noting that this method does rely on you being able to survive for a substantial amount of time in Resurgence game modes.

Our suggestion is that each time you respawn, you refrain from participating in gunfights and instead choose secure landing spots.

This strategy enables you to bide your time until the timer expires, allowing you to either revive your teammates or secure a solo respawn opportunity.

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