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How To Add & Invite Friends in FIFA 23 With EA Social

EA Social is a new FIFA 23 widget that allows players to invite and add friends from other platforms!

FIFA 23 is pushing the football game to new boundaries with the inclusion of some new features that many players have been asking for.

One of them is the ability to invite and add players from other platforms to your friend list. Here’s how!

How to Send FIFA 23 Friend Request on EA Social

To add your friends on EA Social, you’ll need to search for their EA ID from the “Player Seach” option using the following steps:

  • From the Main Menu, press R2/RT to bring up the EA Social/Friends Menu. From PC, you can do this by following the on-screen prompt on the bottom right side of the screen.
    • If you get an invite/request from another player, you’ll see a notification that you can interact with using R2/RT on the bottom right of the screen as well.
FIFA 23 EA Social Prompt
  • Once you’re in the EA Social menu, you’ll be able to access the following options:
    • Friends
    • Game Invites
    • Friend Requests
    • Player Search
    • Recently Met
  • Any players that you are friends with and are on the same platform as you will automatically appear on the “Friends” tab of EA Social.
  • For players that you wish to add from other platforms, you’ll need to navigate to the “Player Search” tab.
  • Here, you will need to enter the EA ID of the friend you wish to add. These are not case-sensitive, but you will need to enter an exact match for them to show up.
FIFA 23 EA Social Friend Request
  • Once you have added a player via their EA ID, you will be able to see the following options on their name:
    • Online Status, if cross-platform friend, then it will only show EA titles
    • Their lobby status within FIFA 23
    • Option to invite if compatible, if they are incompatible, then it will let you know why
    • Access additional Player Actions Mute
      • Remove Friend
      • Block
      • Report
FIFA 23 EA Social Player Information

What is EA Social?

EA Social is a brand new in-game FIFA 23 widget that allows gamers to add cross-platform players to their Friends List.

Using EA Social, you can add cross-platform players as your EA Friends and even invite them to play one of the cross-play compatible modes.

This is one of the features EA added to streamline the new cross-play features that were added to FIFA 23.

How to Send Invites to Players On Other Platforms in FIFA 23

There are two different ways to invite players to a match in FIFA 23, depending on which mode you are playing:

  • For VOLTA Football & Pro-Club Drop-Ins:
    • Players will be able to accept, search, and request friends all from the same screen prior to sending an invite for FIFA 23.
    • Press R2/RT or interact with the bottom right prompt on your screen.
    • This will bring up EA Social.
    • From here, navigate to the “Player Search” tab.
      • If they were a player, you just shared a match with, you can head to the “Recently Met” tab and find their EA ID there.
    • Search for the EA ID of the player you wish to invite.
    • From here, you can send an invite to the player.
  • For all other modes, you will need to follow these steps:
    • Press R2/RT or interact with the bottom right friends tab on your screen.
    • This will bring up a list of friends that have already been filtered out using the following methods:
      • The current game mode does not support cross-play.
      • The player has not created a FUT Club.
      • They have not opted into cross-play yet.
    • Click on the player that you want to invite and select the “invite to lobby” prompt.

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How Do I Accept a Friend Request on EA Social?

To accept a Friend Request in FIFA 23, you will need to do the following:

  • If you receive a friend request or invite from someone on EA Social, then you will get a prompt for it.
    • You can interact with this prompt using R2/RT and accept or decline.
    • If you accept, you will automatically be taken to the lobby you were invited to.
  • If you miss the prompt, then the invite will be waiting for you in the “Friend Requests” or “Game Invites” tab inside the EA Social menu.

Once you’ve built up your friends list on FIFA 23, don’t forget to learn about the revamped Chemistry system and how it can improve your Ultimate Team.

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