To add friends in MW2 or Warzone 2:

  1. Launch MW2 or Warzone 2
  2. Open up the Social menu by pressing in the Right Analog Stick or hitting F2.
  3. Select Add Friends
  4. Type in their Activision ID or Gamertag and hit “Send Request”

How to Add Friends Using Activision ID

To add a friend by using their Activision ID, boot up the game and open the Social Menu by pressing in the Right Analog Stick or hitting F2.

From there, select Add Friends, then type in their Activision ID and hit Send Request. The Activision ID must contain the player’s username, the hashtag, and the numbers that follow (if they have any).

How to Add Friends in MW2 Warzone 2

The typical Activision ID will look like this: Playername#12345

Once your request is sent, the other player must manually accept it before they will appear in your friend list.

How to Add Activision ID Friend on MW2 Warzone 2

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How Do I Find My Activision ID

In the MW2 & Warzone Social Menu, press in the Left Analog Stick or press the 3 key.

You will be able to see your Activision ID on the right side of the screen, and even copy it to clipboard using the button beside it.

Where to Find Activision ID MW2 & Warzone 2

You can also see your Activision ID by opening Settings (press Menu/Options and tab over to the gear), going to Account & Network, and selecting Activision Account.

Note: You may need to hit Show Details to reveal your Activision number that goes after your username when viewed in this manner. Not all Activision accounts have numbers as part of their ID.

How to Add Crossplay Friends

First, console users will want to open the Settings menu by pressing Menu/Options and scrolling over to the gear icon. Go to Account & Network and check that Crossplay is set to On.

Next up, head to the Social Menu by pressing in the Right Analog Stick or hitting F2.

Then select Add Friends.

How to Add Friends in MW2 Warzone 2

You can add crossplay friends using their Activision ID as shown in the method above, but if you don’t know it, you can also select “Don’t Know Their Activision ID?

How to Add Friends Without Activision ID MW2 & Warzone 2

Then, you can select from 3 options: Other PC, Online ID (PlayStation), or Gamertag (Xbox). Click the appropriate one and enter your friend’s ID on that platform, before hitting Send Request.

How to Send a Friend Request Crossplay MW2 & Warzone 2

How to Add Friends on Same Console / Platform

Even when adding friends on the same console or PC platform that you’re active on, you can still use their Activision ID to send them a friend request.

However, if you prefer, after opening the Social menu and choosing Add Friend, you can then hit the button at the bottom of the screen to search your respective platform.

For me, I have the option to search my Steam friends, but, Xbox, and PlayStation users will all be allowed to search their relevant friends lists from here. Simply select the correct user from your friend list and hit Add Friend to send them a quick-and-easy request.

How to Add Friends on Same Platform or Console

How to Accept Friend Requests in MW2 & Warzone 2

To accept an incoming friend request, press Options/Menu, and tab across to the Notification bell icon (or simply click it).

From there, select the friend request you’d like to accept.

MW2 & Warzone 2 Notifications

You can also accept friend requests from the Social menu, where they’ll appear in the requests section.

Here’s how to fix the glitch that tells you your Requests folder is Locked!

Where to Accept Friend Requests

Now that you and your friends are on the same page, here’s how to invite players to a game in Warzone or MW2!

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