Here is how you can activate a UAV Tower in DMZ to view the location of different AI Combatants and enemy Operators in Al Mazrah.

One of the most important aspects of DMZ is intel. The more you know about your enemies and their locations, the more likely you are to exfil successfully.

The UAV Tower will allow you to gather intel and find a great position for you and your team.

Every UAV Tower Location in DMZ + Map

There are 17 different UAV Towers located in DMZ that players can activate. There is at least one at every named POI in Al Mazrah.

Here is a locations map of every UAV Tower in Al Mazrah:

UAV Tower Locations

You can easily find each UAV Tower on your map by locating the UAV Tower icon.

  • Bring up your DMZ map.
  • Press R1/RB/Scroll to zoom into the map a bit. This will allow you to see the different icons on your map.
  • Search for the UAV Tower icon shown below.
    • You can also see a legend of what every icon is on the right side of the DMZ map.
UAV Tower Icon
This is how the UAV Tower Icon appears in-game.
  • Press Up on the D-Pad on your controller or Right-Click on your mouse to Ping the UAV Tower.

This will now show you the exact UAV Tower location on your mini-map, compass, and even as an icon in your field of view!

Finding a UAV Tower is one of the Faction Missions in DMZ. Find out how to unlock them all and what they mean.

How to Activate UAV Tower

To activate a UAV Tower, head near the attached laptop and interact with it using Square/X/E. This will trigger a short progress bar before displaying an announcement on your HUD.

Once you see that announcement, the UAV Tower will begin to monitor the area around it. This only seems to last a few minutes.

Activate UAV Tower

You’ll need to reactivate the UAV Tower to activate its effects again once it turns off.

Can Multiple Players Activate UAV Tower?

No, only one player can activate a UAV Tower at a time. An activated UAV Tower will display a red icon on your map.

If you enter the area of an activated UAV Tower, you’ll show up on the map of the player that activated it. So it’s a risky move that might not be worth the payoff.

Red UAV Tower

It’s best to wait out the effect of the UAV Tower. Since this will allow you to enter the area unnoticed.

What Is a UAV Tower?

A UAV Tower is a recon tool that monitors the area of the POI it is located in. Enemy Operators and AI Combatants will appear as red dots on your map.

This can be helpful when looking for enemy players to take Contraband Weapons from to build up your inventory.

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