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How to Access The PS5’s Hidden Web Browsing Feature

Like the PS3 and PS4 before it, the PS5 will have a web browsing feature at launch. Although this time, it's a little tucked away. Here's how you can find and use it.

Weirdly, Sony initially said the PS5 wouldn't have a web browsing feature. Perhaps due to it not being used that much on older consoles.

We're sure plenty of PS4 owners made use of it at some point, but if we're honest, there was usually an app we could use instead.

YouTube for example, was often accessed by PS3 users through the web browser. This is before the service had a dedicated PlayStation app.

But by the time the PS4 rolled around, apps like this were common - and expected, as they should be in the age of the app.

Web browsers on games consoles slipped from relevance, but it's always nice to have the feature as a back-up. Who knows when it will come in handy?

Finding the PS5's Web Browser

Thanks to ArsTechnica, we now know for certain that the PS5 web browser is real.

You can access it by clicking on the 'Users And Accounts' menu of your PS5. From there, select 'Link With Other Services'; from here select Twitter.

This isn't actually a dedicated Twitter app, but a web browser that redirects you to Twitter. By clicking on Twitter's logo in the top right corner, you can break out of the website and access the browser in full.

It's worth pointing out that you'll need to log into Twitter to access the page's standard web browser UI. But once you're in, you can transition to full web browsing from there.

We expect a dedicated Twitter app will replace this feature in time. Or Sony will patch it out, but let's hope that if they do, they provide a full web browser for those of us who value the feature.

In case you've been living under a rock, today is the PS5's official launch day! See who still has PS5 stock here. Here's how to set up your new PS5 once you get it home.


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