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How PS5 Bundles Stop Scalpers & Bots Buying Restocks

PS5 Bundles could be the key to stopping scalpers and bots from buying up all of the new console restocks.

PS5 consoles are still extremely hard to come by, with restocks selling out almost immediately. Luckily for gamers, 18 million PS5s will be shipped by the end of the year.

However, keen-eyed gamers looking to snag a shiny new PS5 now may have noticed that most of the consoles are now going on sale in bundles. Bundles may be more expensive, but they actually stop scalpers and bots from picking up PS5s.

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PS5 Bundles Stop Scalpers & Bots

Why Scalpers & Bots Don’t Buy Bundles

As PS5 bundles usually come with an additional controller, game, charging station or PlayStation Plus subscription, they are more expensive than just the console. A higher initial outlay means that scalpers are more wary of buying a bundle.

Scalpers don’t want to be left with a console that they can’t make any money on because they can’t sell the games or accessories. However, for the average gamer, bundles would still be a reasonable deal.

For the same reason, scalper bots are also less likely to buy a PS5 bundle. Find out how scalper bots snag all the PS5 consoles so quickly.

Although PS5 consoles will still sell out very quickly, TechRadar has found that bundles stay in stock longer. Bundles at Gamestop were on sale for 15 minutes, which is way longer than usual.

Find out how quickly restocked PS5s sell out. It’s way faster than 15 minutes.

PS5 bundle restocks can happen at any time. Best Buy and Gamestop restocked the PS5 out of nowhere a few days ago.

Here’s the best way to buy a new PS5 Console from Walmart USA. The retailer is one of the most reliable places to get a new PS5.

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