Final Fantasy’s new protagonist could be one of the series’ all-time best, but how old is Clive Rosfield in FF16?

A new Final Fantasy is finally here, and it introduces us to Clive Rosfield, a young Shield blessed by the Phoenix.

Initially, Clive appears as a fully-grown adult, before FF16 shows us a flashback to his childhood that lasts the length of the entire demo.

And for those wondering how much time has passed since the traumatic events of Clive’s childhood, we’ve got the answers for you.

Clive surrounded by fire in FF16

How Old Is Clive in Final Fantasy 16?

Clive Rosfield is 33 years old throughout most of Final Fantasy 16’s main story.

When FF16 flashes back to Clive’s childhood, he is just 15 years of age and, for the first half of the game, Clive will be 28.

Those who have played the demo or FF16’s opening hours will have heard Clive be referred to as 15 by his father, the Archduke of Rosaria.

“Though he is a youth of but fifteen years, he is already a fine soldier,” the Archduke states to Clive’s mother.

How Old Is Clive Childhood FF16

In the childhood sections of FF16, Clive’s younger brother Joshua is 10, and their adopted sister / political hostage Jill Warrick is 12.

How Much Time Has Passed in FF16 Time Skip?

The first time skip in Final Fantasy 16 flashes forward from Clive’s childhood to 13 years in the future.

There, Rosfield is known as Wyvern and he’s a young adult of 28 witnessing a major Eikon battle between Shiva and Titan. This is where we first get a glimpse of our protagonist at the beginning of the game.

Meanwhile, Jill is now 25 years old and Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix, would be 23.

The second time skip, which takes place at around the halfway mark in FF16’s story, skips ahead to 5 years in the future, making Clive Rosfield 33 years old by the end of the game.

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